"Get some friends, there are 5 of us and you're alone."

I don’t care who you are, you should lose the right to play this game forever if you speak like that. This morning I log on hoping to see multiple “action has been taken” notifications, yet there is nothing.

I truly hope all of you blissfully ignorant of the aftermath of suicide remain blissfully ignorant, but those of you who even “jokingly”(what a twisted mind you’d have to have to consider something like that a joking matter) tell that to another stranger, let alone someone who is solo queuing in qp stuck with a group of five bullies… why are these people still holding the privilege of playing overwatch? Blizzard is responsible for enabling this behaviour to continue more or less unchecked(an automated system based on number of reports is not what I would consider checked in even the slightest sense of the word).

Things like this and racism should be taken with zero tolerance, instant permanent ban on communication at least, preferably an account ban so they are forced to go outside and learn about reality, yet there is the threshhold of reports even for cases like this. I bet that group of five spent their entire session abusing the singled out teammate stuck with them, and I’m willing to bet that this is a common occurrence. Who’s to say if they will ever get chat banned because of the automated report system.

Only one of my friends plays overwatch, most of the people I am friends with don’t play video games because they’ve grown out of them or are athletically inclined. I play overwatch because it’s good for my hand-eye coordination. I don’t really care that much about the game itself, but I do value it and I try my best to be an upstanding member of the community. Something has to change.

I’d like to hear why blizzard is so conservative about matters like this and other forms of discrimination experienced in game. Why do these people have a right to play video games?


That sucks man if this actually happened. It’s part of the reason I don’t solo queue and go into team chat. Most groups who aren’t full tend to blame the blueberries (term for someone not in your group, but on your team) for all the bad things happening to them. Just report them and avoid so that you don’t end up paired up with those people anytime soon. A better option would be to use if LFG because some of them have people who want to work as a team in a nice manner.

Just my opinion and advice from a console player who solo queues and uses LFG.


I’m sorry you experienced that Dandy. :frowning_face: That kind of behavior is absolutely not okay.

I have had people say that to me, and I reported them. I only really report for that kind of behavior - and have seen confirmation messages that actions were taken against them.

For what it’s worth, I’ll be your friend and I am glad you’re here and alive. :smile:


jUsT lEaVe ChAt

Report and/or avoid as teammate. After 3 games you might not get in a game with them again.

inb4 someone says blizz doesn’t care they’re just an indie company that wants money


I don’t get how this happens in QP of all game modes, I can see this happening in comp but I have never received toxicity in QP


Multiple groups like that can get you banned with false reporting just so you know.


Suspensions are not instant, calm down.

Don’t expect them to be suspended as soon as you report them, it may very well take a while, the amount of reports per day must be huge, it’s impossible for them to just suspend those that you reported.

Also, we don’t know how the system works, sure, automatic suspensions are probably just issued by the amount of reports, I’d assume there are certain trigger words as well that might bring some attention.


Absolutely right about zero tolerance. I have seen these things rarely but when they do happen the remarks some people make are absolutely disgusting. I’ve always been shy of voice chat but lately I’ve had two experiences of very nasty sexism against me which whilst unlucky for it to happen so close together (because it is really rare) annoyed me enough to desist from speaking at all out side my three stack

and before those people who come in to say “but they paid for the game, you can’t steal it from them just because you got your feelings hurt” just stop right there. If they can’t behave like a reasonable member of the community then they shouldn’t be part of it

I’m sorry this happened to you :frowning: hopefully there will be a more solid solution to the report system one day, where false reports get ignored and genuine cases of vindictiveness are taken more seriously :slight_smile:

There is an absolute HUGE difference between childish trash talk and someone actually being vindictive.


This is gonna be an unpopular opinion…

Context matters, and telling someone to kill themselves in of itself is not a problem. It is in the contextual matter of it that counts.

You may not like that answer. You may say “Oh thats akin to racism.” Let me be frank with you. Its not. It is no where near the same thing, and equating it is really foolish. The big problem with the internet is that a lot of people become outraged at the mention of something, and divorce the context.

If someone tells you sarcastically to “Kill yourself,” that is not the same as someone telling you it with spite and malice. Its like telling someone they should get cancer or something there of as a one off. While not polite, the context of it matters.

I make this point for a few reasons. One, people on the internet do not know you nor do they know your mental state. Saying people should restrict what they say on the off chance of someones offense is going to lead to a lot of people saying nothing at all for fear of offending others. It results in a lot of self censorship. The internet is a colorful place, its gonna have colorful language from time to time. That is the nature of it. Learn to accept that, or dont choose to engage. But demanding people conform to some moral code set forth to prevent “outrage and hurt feelings” is gonna result

Second, this notion, this idea that being told to Kill yourself from strangers is what will send a person to suicide is a pretty terrible notion. People with actual depression and suicidal tendencies are not likely to do this in one offs, but rather more so from sustained harassment. To assume that they will, that assumes that suicidal people are absolutely weak and any utterances can send them ‘over the edge’.

Suicide is a complex and deep thing. Boiling it down to “being told to kill myself might make me commit suicide” is a huge huge disservice to suicidal people.

Now, should a 5 stack be bullying people and being jerk holes? No. they should get suspended if not banned for that. That behavior (the bullying) is unnacceptable. As I said before, context matters, and if the context was to purposefully hurt another person through words and bullying, yeah, they gotta get booted. Im in support of that.

I just take umbrage at the tone and idea that the mere utterance of certain phrases or words should be enough to suspend/ban people, rather than the context of why something is said.


Mute and report. It’s not worth getting yourself worked up about. They’re just [removed expletive] on the internet trying to tilt people.

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So you find it ok that people just throw sentences like this around, because "
The internet is a colorful place, its gonna have colorful language from time to time?"

Alrighty then.


Yeah this argument is pretty bad. The context really doesn’t matter. It’s not the internet either, this is overwatch we’re talking about. People SHOULD be afraid to say stuff like that. They shouldn’t believe they will get away with it. I never once said that it would push anyone over the edge either, but nobody should have to put up with that in a video game. I can mute, but by the time I’m muting someone or leaving the game to avoid it, the damage is already done. Can’t take back words that have already been said. You can apologize and make things better, but you can’t take it back and it’s their responsibility for putting it out there.

If someone has to be afraid of what they are saying resulting in disciplinary action, maybe it’s better if they don’t speak. It’s not rocket science. I’m pretty fed up with this “it’s the internet what do you expect” bs. It’s not the wild west, it’s a game that is being moderated and run by one of the largest if not the largest companies in gaming.


Yes. Yes I am ok with it. Because this is one person’s form of expression.

Is all expression wholesome? No. Are there going to be forms of expression that upset you. Yes.

Is that a bad thing? No, not inherently. This is why I stressed context. Because should you be taking offense at every utterance? I would think that you shouldnt, because youre a grown up and understand that not everything said should be taken at face value.


Do you remember the account name of the person saying those things? If so, post it here.

I think that’s against the rules but I do know their names, yes.


Context always matters. Saying it doesnt matter is the childish argument. Youre essentially arguing “Im going to take every thing ever said literally.”

Now, Im going to assume youre an adult. That youre an intelligent and thoughtful.

Now Im going to assume that you are not understanding that people arent mind readers, that people cant tell exactly what may offend some but not others. And that deciding you shouldnt say something on the off chance one person in out of the vast majority might find offense is not pragmatic, nor is it condusive to letting people speak freely or express freely.

That yes, context does matter, and applying context correctly and not immediately going to “That offends me!” at the drop of every phrase would save you a lot of headache, while giving listeners and other people the courtesy of assuming that theyre stronger stuff and dont ball up in anger or offense at any provocation.


The context was me instalocking soldier76 in qp, them saying “dandy why are you playing dps your aim is garbage” and I said “You can leave.” and they said “there are five of us and just one of you. you leave.” so I said in match chat “my team is bullying me into not playing dps” and then it just kept escalating.

I’d love it for blizzard to read the chat logs because I did not once retaliate. I tried my best to be understanding, I was compassionate, because even these people are worthy of compassion to me. I think that they are the ones who are the saddest, so I was sympathetic and understanding. The only thing I did “wrong” was not switch off soldier. I’d love for blizzard to read the chat logs of the match. Context means nothing. Not when it’s escalated to telling someone to end their life. I didn’t even get upset with them. I didn’t judge them. I know what was going through their minds, it’s very simplistic psychology and it’s not an effective way of getting to me. It escalated because no matter how hard they bullied, I didn’t switch off soldier or leave the game, or get upset.


The real crazy thing is that Blizzard went ahead and censored “ggez” in game, but “kill yourself” and “kys” are still totally good to go.


The irony is here, the context is “They didnt like something you did, and to try to get you to do their bidding, they began bullying you.”

Thats the context. Is that context acceptable? No. As I mentioned very clearly above:

Imagine that, using words in a fashion to bully and intimidate/harass you is one kind of context and isnt the same as someone saying off handedly “Gawd, kill yourself already” out of annoyance or sarcasm.

Youre being willfully blind to this. Not sure what else you want me to explain to you. They resorted to using it as a bully tactic and harassment method. I didnt say that was acceptable. I said that context matters. Thats the context of their statement.

I simply took umbrage wiht your stance that some things should never be stated. You used suicide as the example of it, and then proclaimed that there shouldnt be any tolerance for certain statements, not understanding the context of something matters.


The context that matters is that I was told to end my life several times by more than one person in a group of five that I was stuck with. I don’t think context beyond being told to end your life matters. That’s why I am arguing for a zero tolerance policy. I think you’re afraid of the policy being applied to you and that’s why you’re trying to argue against me.

It’s never okay and the context beyond being told to end your life doesn’t matter. Have you ever lost someone to suicide?