Genji's GM pick rate is higher than Brigitte

Ok again I’m not talking about it one circumstance. MAJORITY of dps love genji and MAJORITY of supports don’t like mercy. In gm genji wasn’t unfun to play against and in he never was, unless ur a bad player.

He wasn’t fun to play against in Dive, in the open as a support. There was literally no defense (like now).

And a Scottmans? the no true scottmans thing right?

You do realize a LOT of the pro’s are complaining about him already? DPS ones…

Which kinda puts an ends that line of argument. Post OWL, and he is going to be “rebalanced” within an inch of his life. It will take a bunch of little ones, and then they will do one final big one which will dumpster him (such is the way of Blizzard).

You do NOT want him to be in this place, IF they reverted some of the changes by now, he would have been safe.

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You wanted a quick melee nerf?

That isn’t CC. Seriously.

Genji is probably one of the lowest skill floors for a flanker character in any game I have ever seen that has a flanker character

He has every possible advantage at doing his job

And they made it even easier to do


Ok so idk if ur trolling but I’m not talking about rn. Our convo was relating mercy rework to genjis buffs. Mercy’s 5 man Rez was a bad mechanic to play against bud genji was rly bad before these buffs. Before hand he was rly bad

And how that ended, yes?
Because this ends the same way.

And Mercy had bad pick / win rates in GM before moth.

same deal, same result, same ending. Do NOT say we didn’t warn you.

Lol good joke… you actually think blizzard cares about balance? they just want the big shiny potg from weeb to get their sub count higher

They’re brilliant

Drive people who actually like the game away by having the balance be some of the worst in the entire industry

So that they go watch OWL instead, to watch all the adverts and feed Blizz more money

It’s perfect

Except people who don’t play don’t tend to watch OWL anymore.

I mean I know a handful of people who tune in here or there to see what the next stupid joke the balance team comes out with is

I’ve had a few friends bring up watching it, and laughing at how stupid Genji is right now

m2 m2 m2 m2 m2 m2 m2 m2 m2


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Heres my prediction, A; Blizzard steps in (after a month) B; Blizzard steps in, but not in a helpful way(I.E. buffs brig or mei) C;Blizzard steps in, but not in a helpful way(I.E. buffs brig or mei) and then tells us power creep doesn’t exist in Overwatch

Not really :man_shrugging:

Soon, with the best solution: buffing other DPS to Genji’s level

On the looks of his 11% today, yeah, obviously.

Exactly. Genji has like 60 hard counters in game. Gm players just need to step up and use them

Mercy was the single most popular hero not just support in the entire game according to the devs themselves

I understand the high pickrate for supports since there are only 7 but having this pickrate while there are 15 dps??

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“He’s just popular!”