Genji's GM pick rate is higher than Brigitte

Should have just done the shuriken buffs and not the deflect buffs. But I agree with GreyFalcon, he needs at least an ult charge nerf of about 15-20%.

The point though is that symm’s pickrate in general, at all ranks, looks like that. Same with torb. It’s always been that way, because typically speaking, underpicked heroes can have massively skewed data. Genji and Ashe both have much higher pickrates (no less than twice as much!) in bronze in spite of being much harder.

But sure, lets look at silver, another low rank, where more characters have a higher winrate. Again, Bastion, Sombra, Mei and Symm are the least 4 picked characters. The same’s true in gold, and plat, and diamond, and Reaper joins them in that sub .5% pickrate in masters and GM.

It’s almost like these 4/5 characters either were incredibly overnerfed or haven’t even been attempted to make viable.

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Oh please, stop with the non-sense.

It’s armored 1600 points of mobile barrier with less than half of his competition.


Except massively skewed would imply that the data has wild swings whereas the data for Sym (and Torb who is actually pretty good right now) shows great win rates in the lower ranks that fall off the higher you go. It is is pretty consistent for all those heroes.

The data likely does have massive skews for symm and torb, the devs have more/less confirmed this. Symm’s really high winrate only slightly fluctuates, but it never drops below 50%.

The other thing is it counts games where you start the game as symm and then swap onto another hero, as people frequently do. Her winrate is actually the lowest in Silver.

That’s what happens when you buff a hero solely on the fact that they weren’t meta in GM but were solid picks elsewhere on the ladder lol

Orisa after goats went from 1% to 16%

Doom during double shield went form 2% to 12%

Hanzo when S10 hit went from <1% to 13%

Baptiste after shield nerfs went from 3% to 16%

In 4 days? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hanzo and Bap yes. Bap was actually in 2 days I think, Hanzo in 2 or 3.

Orisa was a matter of a week and a half but 15% is a pretty large jump. And Doom for some reason I can’t remember

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Probably Sigma.

But still a freaking huge spike holy guacamole.

As someone in the lower ranks: No. Maybe in the mid ranks, but bronze/silver no. Mid ranks are Gold to Plat. High is Diamond+. Argue as desired.

Symmetra is almost never picked in low ranks. Reaper still destroys down here, just like Moira. Lifesteal is incredibly potent and ridiculous because when a player picks a fight they just keep going. There is no “poke randomly, get a pick and move on”. It’s “I died, time to hunt the player who killed me for the rest of the game”. Reaper and Moira heal and chase. Bastion is bad as well. Pickable, but usually healers don’t heal (literally remembering you can heal teammates propels you to a minimum of gold) so suiciding as junkrat or hacking as sombra does the work, or just Pharah things with flanks.

Weird myth. Symmetra doesn’t succeed in low rank, and bastion is a “did this trick work?” rather than a preying on the weak like Reaper and Moira.

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People not picking something does not mean it is not strong. People in low ranks do not make the best decisions in regards to decisions that win games or they would not be in low ranks. Picking spammy heroes at low ranks is a great way to rank up, because if they were good at not taking damage they would not be there. Picking the popular heroes is not a good way to rank up.

The fact is when she is picked she wins. The same is said about Bastion until you hit around mid gold when people start to at least be able to handle that. It is one of the same problems Roadhog has.

I mean, no big surprise for me there.
He got multiple buffs and she got multiple nerfs.

Genji pairs very well with Ana (Nano).
Both teams have a Genji since he is so good.
So you also need a devensive ultimate like Trans or Beat.

You are absolutely right. I apologise.

…and this is after the devs specifically nerfed Brigitte so that she couldn’t give armor to Genji outside of her ultimate.

I love how people use that argument as though there’s any actual logic behind it. “This statistic doesn’t mean what it actually means because popularity contest winner Genji.”

Umm…pretty sure that it works the one way, guys.


He’s up at 11% for today’s daily data point.
And he’s got 6 out of 7 high data points for the past week.

Give it another 2 days, and the weeklies are gonna look pretty high

Sigma and Ana still surpass him in pickrate though? Are they busted?

I love how no one is even trying to justify this as something even remotely related to the hero not being busted.
No statements like :

  • Well he is only picked because OWL pros are popping off
  • Nah most people pick him a lot but don’t really do well and they switch fast
  • Its the classic “hype” after a mini buff to a hero, it will go down eventually don’t worry.

The dude is busted. Not because all the facts, stats and in game experience I am seeing from streamers … I am an AWFUL Genji/Doom/Tracer and when I pick him I get away with so much, doing the classic triple, dash, triple melee kills and resets … omg. The skill floor of the hero has been thrown almost to the ground compared to what it was before.


It’s cause people love playing genji and now he’s not a throw pick. This scenario has never happened before. No f tier hero who is loved by every dps player gets buffs and is good. This is unprecedented

Genji being a throw pick?
An “F tier hero” that got buff?
Im sorry mate but …

Don’t know what game are you referring to but in this universe … nope. Thats not accurate. Not at all.

PS: F tier heroes are Sombra and Bastion.