"Genji was so bad before"

He was in ok state like most heroes now he’s a must pick in all games

Lmao, “general consensus” from who? Pay more attention and stop living in a forum bubble. The community thought he was one of the worst heroes in the game. The developers said they thought he was fine and it became a meme.

Ah yes, the person who only plays Genji so he can’t see how terrible he is to play against

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It’s not even the general consensus. It was facts laid out by the developers themselves.


yea when u have someone like whoru on genji he is going to roll the enemy team
he can legit 1v3 the backline not cuz genji is broken but he is actually just insane
remember the time they posted this ? everyone went mad ever know why ?

Yeah, because they were all in denial about it and Noh called them out on it in the post:

So much so the pro’s and streamers alike went out of there way to one trick these hero’s in competitive to prove they were actually just bad and the stats were lying. What they found out was both Soldier and Genji were able to destroy teams, in double shield no less. Meta’s the shouldn’t have been good in.

Jake still has vods out there of him one tricking soldier and dominating teams to “prove the devs wrong”

did they really do tho ? or is it just u claiming that they did ?
can u give me a streamer that played genji after what they said ?

jake is just an insane player bro u can’t just be like
one player played well that’s it that hero is good

also i don’t believe in straight up stats to balance the game around
ALSO do u know who is saying that genji and soldier are fine at that time ?
the same people who made brig remember that ? release brig ?

TLDR: Genji was a fun hero before, a hard hero to master who remained a rewarding pick, even when countered

Now he is mega poop hero >:(

  1. It wasn’t just one player, that was an example of one of the players who went out of there way to try and prove the devs wrong.

  2. Insane or not, if these hero’s were viable enough that one person can destroy teams with them. They were clearly not bad.

and jake was never really that insane.

He objectively wasn’t, despite what Genji mains would have you believe. We have the proof in the form of his stats. He was fine, and there are a lot of heroes who were languishing in far worse shape completely ignored (and now rendered even more irrelevant by OP Weeb).

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i can dominate as dva in 2 tiers lower than my actual rank
she is probably good right ?

yea totally i see what u really are now
excuse me now i won’t waste my time here

Hold cow.

This guy wrote a thesis, on Genji

I love your support for the community but it might be a better use of your time to write these for local newspapers, they might even pay you…

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Yes. Pro’s playing in top 500, against other top 500 and world class players in the same rank, is exactly like you playing in bronze.

Not delusional?

Best not too. The stats weren’t in your favor. And still aren’t for that matter.

more like 4.6k is the same as 4.2k games
and people who scrims and get a pro coach are the same as 4.6k

wanna balance the game off stats ? SURE

go ahead nerf ashe and genji
rein , ana and brig if all of that happen i am fine with genji getting nerfed

Lmao. Their are tier 3 teams who scrim and have pro coaches who are plat my dude.

So not just people who scrim with pro coaches. Just the ones that fit your narrative. In Overwatch league and maybe contenders. That play top 500 with the rest of the world class players.

Also lets be real here private profile.

A meta shift can dumpster these hero’s, and has, multiple times in the past. That’s exactly what happened to Genji. Now he’s been buffed into a broken monster that is working in Meta’s that he shouldn’t be good in. That’s the opposite of balance.

no i mean actual good players
like pro players

Certain heroes are by nature more offensive than others when it comes to popular feelings. Genji absolutely ruins games and doesn’t feel at all fair in a way that Ashe doesn’t. At least she has defined weaknesses and predictable approaches. Genji has neither thing. He’s a textbook “Magical weeb hero gets every advantage and no weaknesses because Better Than You” that pervades certain parts of nerd culture.

He ruins the gameplay experience for literally every other player in the game when he’s this strong. Ashe isn’t diving backlines and shredding tanks as well as support and any DPS back there. Ashe doesn’t have easy-bake escapes or the ability to counter almost anything in the game. And even Ashe doesn’t erase heroes as fast as Genji does.

Genji gets everything and sacrifices nothing for it. Before his buffs he was well-balanced; he could do well for those who were good with him, and was average at best everywhere else. That is the only way a hero with his design can and should exist.

Now he’s just like playing the game on easy mode, as bad or worse as any Reaper or Brig or Moira ever was that these players hypocritically decry. Genji players get every conceivable tool to dictate the pace and flow of their encounters in the game, and it’s still not enough. They still have the audacity to say their guy takes skill or is somehow more countered than anyone else, which is absolute garbage. He’s the least countered hero in the game.


Even before Brig’s release Genji was still relatively mediocre. Tracer was the dominant dive DPS and Widow was a strong pick. You basically only picked Genji when you didn’t have a better Widow of your own and hope that you could kill her before she killed your entire team.

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