Genji needs to have a buff

Do you think genji will get a buff? I feel like he kinda needs one especially against hero’s like mei and sombra and more. I feel like a damage buff or the # shurikens genji has should be buffed.

Idk if this would just break genji and make him op but at the same time. Iook at sojourn, She was op for 2 seasons, pair her up with mercy dmg boost and she would win every fight.

What do you all think?

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I’ve always found it weird that a flanker is so reliant on their healers.

Instead of giving him more damage, honestly just give him 50 shield and 150hp.

Genji gets a small buff and his supports need to heal him less. Win-win.

Don’t really think he needs it this season, but he probably has enough power budget left for a small buff like this.


God I wish Dva players would randomly throw out buff Dva threads as much as genji players do


Here’s the problem with Genji, he requires more skill than any other hero in the game. Until you see a top500 Genji player go completely nuts on your team, you have no idea what the hero is truly capable of. He’s weak because he’s extremely hard to get value with. If you aren’t playing him perfectly, he’s useless; especially if you are against his counters(which he has a ton of).

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Welcome to Overwatch. The Offense-role needs healers to support them, and Tanks to make space for them.

Could just ditch them and go GOATS in Open Queue. Much less futzing around.

Definitely requires some good skill and mechanical requirements, but I don’t know if he requires more skill than anyone else in the game.

I certainly get more success with Genji than I do with Sojourn, for example.

I hat tank are you, if I may ask?

I generally play flex these days, so I generally play all of them, though my least played Tanks are Roadhog and; and my most played tend to be Zarya and Winston. Zarya used to be my main Tank.

I think both D.Va and Genji are in a pretty similar spot. Pretty good, though overshadowed by stronger picks (ex. Wrecking Ball, Mccree/Widow/Tracer) despite being in a pretty good meta for them.

Both of them also have a pretty high skill cap, so if you’re good you can quite easily climb to mid GM without any real issues.

With that being said, I think D.Va has a higher chance of exploding in pickrate with a few small buffs. Some small Genji buffs should be pretty safe as long as you don’t mess with his breakpoints.

Wouldn’t mind some D.Va buffs though. She’s my favorite tank by far. Incidently, I’m the same rank (GM3) by maining D.Va and Genji.

I meant to ask what your rank was haha my bad

I just don’t like how as soon as Dva gets a buff, it tends to be taken back only for months to go by while every other tank gets fun buffs and Dva gets nothing. This would be the end stage for the months gone by process, right before a buff. Dva gets a buff, it gets reverted. Months go by until they recover from being scared of buffing Dva to try again, repeat.

It’s more how many buff genji threads I see thrown out than anything.

There’s a lot of Genji mains, what do you expect? There’s a good reason why Blizzard is making so many Genji skins.

I also don’t see how that’s different from Genji? You could replace your above statement with Genji and it’d still be true. In their last round of nerf, I’m pretty sure they even got changed on the same patch.

Genji just a buff and it gets taken back only for months to go by while every other dps gets fun buffs and Genji gets nothing. This would be the end stage for the months gone by process, right before a buff. Genji gets a buff, it gets reverted. Months go by until they recover from being scared of buffing Genji to try again, repeat.

Yeah, that also holds true, doesn’t it?

When Genji/D.Va becomes good, they feel oppressive. Especially D.Va, on the sole account of her being a tank and Genji being a dps. Though Genji with nanoblade and a good kit is certainly also very annoying to play against.

Overall, I think both of them can receive a small buff without causing too much issues. But it’s pretty hard to balance heroes like them.

Imo, Tracer takes the most skill in the game.

But Genji is definitely up there. But he take a wider range of skills than others.

For example, heroes like Soujourn and Widow mainly relies on aim. Genji relies on less aim, but requires better timing and game sense.

So like Tracer. Except Tracer is viable at tournaments and top plays. Which just sounds like Genji being weak.

But Genji’s mobility advantages are literally a “get out of death free, get healthpack and reset fight” component.

There are greater sins than being able to bow out of a bad situation, and since the single most valuable thing in Overwatch is staying alive, it comes with a cost.

Genji is not in need of a buff, he is sitting at just below the median line among DPS heroes.

With 17 DPS heroes and 2 slits, everyone can’t be meta.


I’m sure the words you are looking for is “below the mean line” as he is below average. If a hero is below average shouldn’t they be buffed to be at least balanced/average?

? He is the worst of flankers at getting out.

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Wrong, that’s Tracer by far, followed by Widow, Ashe, Hanzo for Headshots, Sombra, Baptiste, Ana, Kiriko for Headshots, Symettra due to team dependence, and Zenyatta in the damage department.

Genji is hard but has ton of “get out of jail” abilities and facilities.

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Okay go watch any top 500 Genji and you’ll notice they have to sweat 10 times as hard as anybody else to do anything. Genji is garbage and the easiest hero to counter if the Genji player isn’t good at high ranks

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Na dva could 100% use her spread back it was a dumb nerf

Weak hero when they get to the same strength as the average feel oppressive because players have had to sweat so hard to get value that their skill on the hero out ranks their rank it happens alot with one tricks

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