Genji needs to have a buff

No I’m not… mean would describe his numbers/performance, median would describe his position within a group relative to the others segregated by the center line. Mean is a description of numbers, median is positional.

It is certainly legitimate to say that one of his measures is below the mean line but not him.

Also, no, his position does not justify buffs because even a cursory overview shows that he is the top picked DPS hero in the game in all modes, and enjoys high pick and win rates in every skill tier in Competitive.

His lower than average performance surrounds total elims and total damage, but Genji isn’t designed to be a high elim hero, he is designed to be a precision kill hero securing high value kills.


That’s like being the “lowest performing Navy Seal”. He is a flanker because he has excellent escape tools. Just because Tracer has better doesn’t make him weak in any way.

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No. Genji not being picked 100% of the time and people already cry for buffs.


Uhm no. You don’t buff heroes just so that they can do better against their counters for no reason.


No…,no I don’t think he does.


Wrong, every single ability (except for ult) is an escape tool for Tracer (Blink, Recall). Not to mention the range buff means you don’t need to get very close anymore → less danger.

Genji doesn’t need aim when poking. If you dash in someone’s face and the aim is not there, you die. You just die, unless you can flick on the enemy and his head consistently. This is very hard to master, specially because Genji requires very high sensitivity and you need to do 180 constantly.

People say genji has ‘get-out-of-jail’ cards, sure he does. However, what value can you get by doing nothing and simply not dying? No value at all. Genji needs to use his get-out-of-jail cards in order to finish off kills or engage, it’s not as simple as people think. His damage is nerfed, his ammo too. Therefore you most likely need to use aggressive deflect or dash in order to finish off kills.

Not to mention troll-blade ability. Unless you’re hard pocketed for the entire duration of blade, you can never do anything if the enemy can aim. If you’re vs silvers sure you can consistently team-wipe them, but try to naked-blade against a GM Cassidy (or even a Diamond one tbh). Instant double-tap = death, before you manage to do 2 slices (which wouldn’t even kill him really).

Also, for people who wanna say Cassidy is a counter, the same exists vs any hero really except 1-2 that genji destroys.

The fact that you find Genji annoying does not mean the hero is OP. He’s far from OP, more likely close to C tier currently. You can get more value with any other DPS.

Why? You cant just say no; at least provide us with some reasoning.

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Because they usaly only have the reason hes played alot. Personly i think he just needs his damage back. Hes been hurting after 3 huge nerfs and a indirect nerf

Tracer is very easy. Doom and Hammond are the most complex characters to master. Period.

Tracer is the second hardest dps genjis is first but tracers skill is high resources management and light aim while genjis is aim with moderate resource management.

Bit for tank i think rein is also hard in the 1 tank sphere

this is a troll post

Same with tracer, but for some reason no one asks buff for her

Tracer got her buff to 6 and it was to much even tracer mains would agree for genji thats 30 tracer sits very strong at a 5.5 being the only viable non ult bot flanker right now

Tracer is viable and used a lot in top 500 and tournaments. Genji is not.

It’s all been said before. Valid reasons have been given a thousand times over, yet genji players aren’t satisfied with the answer they get, so they refuse to understand. He’s balanced, move on.


Still havent provided said reasons. You can elaborate.

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I have. Check old posts.

Lmao, that’s funny. Tracer is far easier and better than Genji is. If you reread my post you’d also realize that nowhere in it did I say Genji should be buffed. Genji has far to many hard counters to be considered the same level of tracer when it comes to viability

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The problem with Genji is if they buff him then the good Genjis will obliterate everyone with no way to stop them. He’ll always have to be a hard to play, high skill ceiling character.

Some people are just born stupid, I see.