I miss troll posts

I really do think season 1 sombra was balanced, everyone is just bad against her since she’s never in a playable state and forgets what to do against her and they couldn’t handle it for 2 weeks

have you tried with a mirror? :clown_face:


Forgotten art of trolling
Yesterday i made such post, like 95% pople in replies didn’t recognize sarcasm :frowning:

Forum is mostly boring place where 80% of post are addressed to devs. And I have zero evidence that devs even read this endless flow of suggestions and cries

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Why do you miss em? They’re still here dude.

Just saw this, so:

perhaps they are, and i just havent scrolled down far enough

i enjoy laughing at terrible takes

im top 500
private profile
pink mercy
buff genji
X is op but my main is not

they are still here everyday all day

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doesnt mean its trolling

terrible argument - not even worth reading

indifferent in my opinion/thoughts on that

as a genji main - absolutely

thats not really trolling though, thats making an observation

To LARA a shill is anyone who has fun playing a game that they hate.


Thanks for proving my point.

I’ve criticized Blizz & the game on multiple occasions yet you call me a shill.

Begone :troll:

As they’ve proven on this very thread :ok_hand:


Maybe it’s time to grow up. Who knows.

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Half the posts on these forums are troll posts especially when they’re coming from the regular shills around here.

all low effort though, i want a real troll post, instant replies, people raging, back and forth different ideas

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RQ and 5v5 shouldn’t be in the game. Go on someone tell me how “wrong” I am. :roll_eyes:

2016 and 2020 were goldmines of troll and political posts on this forum. Nostalgia overload…

RQ was probably one of my favorite additions to the game, and them adding Open queue QP kept the ‘fun/whatever’ atmosphere for QP players who enjoy that type of team synergy.

Going 5v5 ruined that synergy completely lol.

People that use the word shill, are the new entertainment, lol.

Which in itself is pretty funny, lol.

No to lara a shill is anyone that has fun playing ANY game. They are “shilling” for the company.

The real entertainment comes from the people that hate the game, but still play it and go around calling anyone that likes the game that they play, a shill.

I’m not sure what to call people that hate a game and still play it, but we should probably come up with a word for them, lol. (there are actually a lot of words that come to mind, but I think they break the forum rules)


There was an actual creative one today tho: