Genji main privilege is real

A character finally becomes relevant after years and y’all start crying. Lets be real you will whine no matter what.

For me Genji is embodiment of worst things you can have to fight against in this game - high mobility + high lethality.

But because of that, DPS are literally NOT part of the team anymore. Heals are focused on tanks, because for DPS they are no use - their healthpool can go to 0 just from one or two accurate hits, regardless from how much HPS is applied.

Is that why he hasnt been viable in any rank over Diamond in over 3 years?

This has been debunked by the devs themselves.


How? I haven’t seen any statement by the Devs.
If the only people who have been able to get value out of Genji in Masters+ are Genji only players, it doesnt make him anymore viable than Mercy or Sym :woman_shrugging:


False. Therefore this:

is also false.

Dunno if I count as a Genji player if 99% of my playtime on him is pre season 7 but I’ve been saying that nonstop until the last patch, and I’m not even a DPS main.

People are forgetting that 6/16 isn’t great for DPS in OW. At any given point in time you typically have 3-4 DPS significantly outperform the rest.

More like they buff one role, it makes game frustrating for another roles, so they keep buffing that role, as it’s now majority.

No we arent forgetting that. Thes top picks are called meta for a reason. But being non meta doesnt equal bad. He was average performing and looked way better than actualy bad performing heroes. The thing is that Genji players try to redefine what it means to be viable and only if youre literally the top dog dps, youre actually “good”.

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That doesn’t make sense.

Are you saying they keep buffing dps so now dps players, who make up a majority of the playerbase/hero roster, are frustrating the other 2 roles?


They started with that. DPS became frustrating for other two roles, so players from those roles joined DPS. Now DPS are majority, so you have to keep buffing them.

That’s…not how this works.

That’s not how any of this works.

I suggest you quit playing and find a new game. The devs don’t care about anything but owl and are content letting their player base suffer in the name of protecting that investment. With how much money and big time owners are involved they stand to lose the future of all Blizz esports if ow as an esport fails. Not to mention contractually I’m guessing theyre on the hook for a fortune. You can’t ask a billionaire to invest tens of millions of dollars into something that fails a few short years later without them having some sort of parachute should that occur. They got that rich by being smarter than that.

In most metas tanks and supports exert far more influence over the game than the DPS, so this isn’t exactly inaccurate if you remove all the extraneous dramatization typically associated with Genji mains. The few exceptions we’ve had typically have an even greater gap between the top 2-3 DPS and those immediately after (double sniper, Mei/McCree). Meanwhile, I hear OQ is currently dominated by goats.

This doesn’t mean we should make Gengu #1 instead of fixing systemic design problems that lead to metas being restrictive and entrenched, but it is a pretty accurate statement about the game.

This mind set is insulting to all the actual bad heroes which struggle just to get an average performance. People are waiting just to be able to be somewhat competitive while Genji players think anything less than being meta isnt enough.

At this point I am convinced, that “tanks and supports have more influence on meta” is little more than words of comfort.

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I legitimately think that if they ever reach pre-buff Genji status, they’ll develop this opinion in due time.

If we theoretically ban the 2 most meta DPS in the game it doesn’t change the meta as much as it would for the 2 most meta tanks or the 2 most meta supports.

Hell, we could ban the 4 most meta DPS to account for the roster size difference and in most cases it still wouldn’t change the meta much.

Thanks, it comforts me a lot, every time I get chased around by flankers no one cares about. Being reminded, that my choices define meta, really helps to make whole situation less depressing /s