Genji main privilege is real

Genji is blatantly favored by the Devs, and is being balanced around how much “enjoyment” people get out of watching him in the Overwatch League. I repeat, Genji was hyper-buffed because he is a popular hero, not because he was “underpowered” prior. If this doesn’t scream favoritism, then I don’t know what will.

This clearly gives Genji players an advantage in the game, and that’s what we call “privilege” in the modern world.

Plus, it’s just gonna get worse from here. If OWL views increase, which they will, they’re gonna keep this monster untouched until the viewers get bored of it, which I doubt will happen for a while.

We exist too, video game company. You know, …

your playerbase.


And if leaks are true we will have more Genji buffs in near future. Alnog with some Moira changes.

Devs stated they want him to compete with Echo and Doomfist as mobile burst hero. If that was goal they succeed.

I dobout they will do anything about him. We need to learn how to counter him or move to another game.



The reason they do it because the majority of the playerbase are Genji mains. Buffing one role makes the game infuriating for another role, and so they chose to buff the role played by the majority.

It’s basic marketing. Tank mains have left already, and they want DPS mains (majority) to stick around and buy Overwatch 2. It does have the effect of Genji players being stuck up and rude, but since Overwatch is losing popularity every moment it exists, the devs just wanna keep it alive. Can you blame em?


“Everyone says Genji is the meta, but what people don’t know is what makes Genji meta is Brig, because Brig is so important to making that aggressive playstyle [work].”

That said, RUSH did note that he hasn’t focused that much on the Brigitte nerfs. He said his attention was primarily on the Summer Showdown, which was run on the previous patch.


Can confirm as a tank main, I came back to play 1 game and got queued in 4 seconds


I definitely agree that genji is in a really high state of power, but to say he was only buffed because he was a popular hero is just not true. He was buffed because he was a mediocre burst damage dps, and was only impactful with nano blade. This is not favoritism but rather people have realized that genji cannot provide as much as lets say ashe, tracer, mccree, etc, all of which had higher pick rates than genji prior to the buffs (In GM, PC according to overbuff) The buffs genji were given were designed to compete with the other heroes that have been played for a while, they could have been implemented slightly better I’ll admit that.

Even then, different heroes will always be better than others in certain situations (Look at double shield, which is ran a ton in my games ~4.3, but it still isn’t nerfed). If anything, it could be seen as the exact opposite to your point. Blizzard often makes changes to heroes that make them stronger rather than nerf heroes that seem to be better. This leads to the question, would heroes that are already powerful be favored by Blizzard, rather than the heroes that are buffed (as well as the players that play them)?

  • Sea of Thieves is quite fun even tho it has the game ruiners called Reapers
  • Cookie Clicker would offer move value to the time put in than OW does anyway…
  • Fun wise… I suggest “Watching Paint Dry” (very good game for a lot of entertainment compared to OW)
  • And if you wanna re-feel what it’s like to play Overwatch… Grab a sledgehammer and ask someone to hit it against your knee caps with full force… then you get at least the Support experience Overwatch offers.

Personally I play Elder Scrolls Online but that sledgehammer to a knee is pretty accurate. If I ever miss this game I will give it a try.


Its an obvious business decision, no question. The problem is, its like salt on food. A little goes a long way, and you can’t have much of it or its too much. They are desperate to jump start OWL which is doomed to fail, and this won’t help it in the long run. In the short term, yes, long run no. Once Genji POGs become the fodder for Sty and folks every week, it will get old really quick.


Idk what you mean by privilege. Countless heroes have been much better than Genji for a long time. Genji has been average if that since Brigs release & he’s one of the hardest heroes to Master. That shouldn’t be the case. Sure, he may be overtuned now, but you’re delusional if you think there’s “Genji privilege” unless you just ignore the last 2 years of Overwatch


Devs stated they want him to compete with Echo and Doomfist as mobile burst hero

I call bs. Neither Echo nor Doomfist are good at the moment. Hell, Doomfist is awful in his current state, his whole kit got nerfed to the ground. And they really believe Genji is weaker than these two? Even after the buffs? And endless CC nerfs?

Like, okay, let’s buff him even more. Let’s see how quickly the playerbase shrinks in numbers.


Bonus points if you have others to kick and spit at you and then hold your mouth shut if you try to say anything

Oh, they stated that. And they don’t care at all how a hero feels anywhere outside of OWL. I don’t watch it because In my opinion it’s literally the tumor actively killing the game, but they might be decent there. shrug


Hah. Thats intresting way to put spin on things.

Thats reason they gave. They had those kind of “brilliant” ideas (what is hero supposed to be or what niche to rule) in past as well. With pretty terrible outcomes and ton of rebalancing at later date. Reaper comes to mind, Mercy, Briggite you name it.

Sounds like playing Zen currently.

Might I suggest Dragon Age Origins - Ultimate edition that is really cheap on Steam now? It has some great mods that are not too difficult to add to enhance the experience, and the game is just amazing on its own if you like fantasy and rpg. I’m replaying it for the first time on pc with mods, and I’m having a blast again!


When you main genii but also zen :eye::lips::eye:

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Got it a while back i didnt got too far in story because I suddenly found my party to be underleveled. Dunno how but i left it and gone for something else.

I suggest Persona 4 one of best JRPGs ever. Is fairly cheap on steam.

The quote is from RUSH, the Paris Coach. The Genji player, Sparkle, thinks Genji will be nerfed because he popped off so much.

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Yes I read whole thing later. But it was pre nerf Brig as well. I would disagree it ‘enabled’ aggresive playstyle but deffinietly helped it to be dominant. But it is my opinion.

Yeah I’m sure he’s definitely favored, not like he was useless after dive for 2 years


Apparently your player base love playing and watching Genji much more than most DPS. The devs act on the community’s favorism, not their favorism.