Genji is factually overpowered

The Fact is Genji received too much utility and that’s why got slightly overtuned. Even if we would increase ult charge needed by 15 to 20% and revert deflect back to 1.5s still having the deflect cancel…
People would still cry over “his right click is too powerful…” or “its a tank busting reaper…”

Most of the people crying right now won’t be satisfied until Genji is back to the low impact state he was. They just don’t want to be annoyed by him.

If you actually watched the threads … 99% of Genji Mains are willingly to get a slight nerf while most people just cry that he is OPAF and want all his nerfs to be removed again…

None of the things you wrote are facts. Try again.

or maybe y’all stop crying about his obvious overtuning and give constructice critic how to fix it while leaving him in a good state (NO HE WASNT BEFORE) other than “just revert all of his buffs”

Yes, he was. So yes, just revert his changes.

So thats why Genji got picked so much before his buffs and all OWL Teams played Genji… He had really low impact compared to the other DPS heroes played right now unless you are a god player.

Yes. That is kinda the thing for high skill high reward heroes. If you’re bad on him, you won’t get much out of him.

Yes he was.

They’re playing with us, and always have been.

It’s been four years of ridiculous balance and matchmaking, and noone has woken up to this already?

Genku has always been low risk, high reward. Why do people insist on pointing out his non existent skill requirement ? He does not care about positioning because he can get away easily - as opposed to non mobile heroes like Brigitte that has to think in advance of where they are heading in order to not end up sitting ducks while still maintaining easy access to her own team for heals.

High risk, low reward is what you meant, atleast before the buffs. Brig has almost always been low risk and high reward.

Who is high risk low reward?

No, I mean low risk, high reward. It’s quite unfortunate that people don’t see it like it is. It’s rather obvious once you look at it objectively as described in the post above.

Then I’ve misunderstood, because in my book genji has always been high risk low reward until this buff (to make his kit better outside of blade). But this buff made him slightly overtuned. A character with arguably one of the highest skill floor and ceiling.
However before he was quite undertuned and was not good compared to the other DPS you could choose from.

Still he was #7th most picked DPS (out of 16: that’s higher than average) Most DPS players also forget, that only because Genji could not instakill every non DPS/SUP hero (unlikly widow) is in a weak state. He never was.

On release his blade took longer than the zen ult (the counter) by 2 seconds. He could double jump all the time without hitting ground, etc.
Yes he requires skill (mechanical speaking: you need to know how to animationcancel… <- terrible thing btw).
Yes he is now part of the cancer triumvirate and makes it a “quartetivate” (if this word even exists…).
I want him back as he was. Utterly broken ult/high mobil cancer, but not instakill everything

20% ult cost and deflect nerfs would put him in the ground. 15% ult charge increase and revert deflect to 1.5 seconds and he’ll be fine.

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Its fun just smashing right click and dash right now, no reason to use his primary weapon when I can just reflect, dash and right click kill people. Oh and I forgot the blade every 30 secs or so.

Doomfist knows da way.


lets be honest, like…all of those are balance red flags lol

especially with how rein/zary/ana have been at that pickrate for like 6+ months

I mean what options are left for most players?

Sigma/ Orisa are too weak to be used in lower ranks
Baptiste and Zen are pretty much unplayable on Ladder
Moira was nerfed too much and too many times
Mercy,, Winston, Roadhog, and Hammond can’t keep up with the requirements in todays Genji/ Ashe focused games

There’s literally just not enough options for every rank to pick from currently

Like it’s so bad, that Sigma is only really usable in Masters upwards meaning that higher level players have MORE heroes to pick from, despite making up such a SMALL portion of the playerbase.

In my ranked games I see Sigma, Zarya, Reinhardt, Genji, Ashe, McCree, Ana, Baptiste, Brig, and Mercy

My friends in Gold NEVER see anyone other than Rein, Zarya, Genji, Ashe, Ana, Moira, and Mercy. They constantly complain at me how boring it is and ask how I stand even playing

I mean does that make sense? I have more freedom in my games, more different actually viable options than players in ranks that shouldn’t even HAVE a set meta?