Genji is factually overpowered

For a guy with one post, you seem to have got it down perfectly, bravo, seriously.

It wasn’t meant in an offensive way. My profile is just privat since I played around 4h comp in total but my arguments where all dismissed with “you are just a stuck plat boi”.

And since I play qp or arcade classic I get to often the “pick the role you are used to play when you want heal”. -> when I play tank or DPS and we have no healer and get stomped

got here from EU Forums because I heard everyone is crying over genji ^^

No keep the damage buff. He needs it. Revert deflect to 1.5 seconds and increase his ultimate cost

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but but… “Mimimi Genji can oneshot support heroes”

Fun Fact: Our Support Guys here laughed about the Flanker crying when they could oneshot with Brig :^) … but now it’s very bad ^^

Well you should go back to your EU forums then. You are just here to troll and not improving the discussion here :slight_smile:

Fun fact: Genji could do this with animation cancel almost every time since release

90% of Post here are just crying about him being overpowered and discussion how insane his pick rate is. That’s not improving anything either.

If you want to hear the opinion of a 160h+ Genji Main:
Genji is slightly overtuned with his Ultimate Charge. Give him an extra 10 or 15% and revert deflect back to 1.5 Seconds.
If you revert the damage buff Genji would be as trash as he was before. He simply needed the power buff to compete with the other dps. Especially against these annoying double shields.

Honestly? Genji feels far more fun to play atm because it actually feels like making impact on the game and not just dash-finishing low health targets.

Edit: His high pick rate is probably due all the genji players finally playing Genji again, because they got flamed before if they do. I dont think so many players picked up Genji in GM without enjoying him before.

This. They said we’re just complaining and we should get good. We did that. Their turn

His high pickrate is because he is broken

“All the Genji players”

You literally don’t need more than 10 minutes on Genji anymore to do just as well as someone with 100 hours on him

His skill floor is one of the lowest in the entire DPS role.

Even Torb has a higher skill floor

Yes and don’t forget that Mercy is an absolute advanced Player Character. Only Pro’s can play her. Normal People can’t even heal as mercy because it is so advanced.

And i forgot all the Bronze Players who climb easily with just picking Genji!

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Really funny, because that’s legit what is happening

So jokes on you, Genji is one of the few heroes in Bronze/ Silver that actually pushes people upwards

Also Skill floor = The effort required to get basic success with a hero

Genji’s skill ceiling is still super high, but his skill floor has been lowered into the basement.

I don’t think people in Bronze and Silver can pick up Genji’s Mechanics, let alone aim while jumping around. Winston, Moira, Mercy, Soldier etc… have a much lower skill floor imho.
Maybe it is easy to pick up some basics with genji… but having impact?.. I dont know honestly…

Sadly that is how much they have buffed him

Even in Bronze; Moira, Mercy, Soldier, and Winston all have lower winrates than Genji does

Incorrect. Genji will never be overpowered due to one factor- Moira. Moira will shut down any genji, no matter how good they are. He’s practically a throw pick at the moment, and always will be until Moira is removed.

Uhh what?

Genji has higher winrates than Moira in literally every single rank?

EDIT: Just saw who posted this, disregard I took the bait

And where would your statistics for that be, support main?

His skill floor is still quite high after the buffs, more like mid range but definitely not low skill floor

They don’t need to him " F tier " they must revert the 2nd patch, Imo the first patch was good and not to be the blade bot anymore.

Skill floor is how much effort is required by a hero to do well

Moira for example has a low skill floor; you don’t need a lot of effort to do well

Genji as of his buffs also has a lower skill floor; he’s easy to get value from literally spaming m2 all game

You need A LOT more effort on genji than moira to do well. Their skill floors are not similiar at all