Game freezing with Intel i3 / Dual core CPUs

we shouldt need to play at 30fps
its a competitive shooter


i know im mean you play 30 fps while waiting for a fix or limit fps to 60

so many threads lmao they’ve already acknowledged this one

we should be patiant

I guess --tank_WorkerThreadCount 2 is the best solution guys

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Can confirm, the ‘’ --tank_WorkerThreadCount 2 -thread 2’’ works a lot. Currently in practice range for about 30-50 mins and no freeze yet. Playing on Medium Graphics, 75Fps Max and Dynamic Rendering OFF. Also resolution 1920x1080 *60 , makes the 75fps cap basically useless but didn’t crash yet.


yo i tested again it still crashes thats with the -2 via eiether string.

Just want to say that when it crashes ask your self was there sudden movements in the team or by you as a player into high density team fight. there are still times in my other setup where you get banding (i dont freeze on that setup) and i think for our little 2 cores thats a freeze moment.

playing on distance character should lesssen it.

yeah this working for me too already playing some arcade and custom games without crashing

Played 8 matches here with these configs and no freezing at all.

Worked like a charm :slight_smile: now i can finally play in peace.

I found a great crash on traiing ground. with dynamic rendering on (i know off is better)

go straight down the corridor to the 3 robots where it looks into no mans land
specificly the sun and open water just wait for 10s sometimes i dont even need to move
for some reason that loves crashing my system


Sigh wish this could work for me but I’ve tried everything and nothing works, i really wanted to try this famous game but i gusse blizzard doesn’t care enough about low end hardware to test for them :pensive:

we made progress guys lets goooo

They still haven’t fix it.

What progress ? they didnt fix it yet

I use it too it works even without capping fps. I have like 120 fps with few drops because of the command. But I ve played 10 games so far and I haven t crashed. I still hope they will fix it soon cause those frame drops are pretty annoying

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where do i put this?

where do i put this?

Game settings in app

I done alot cleaning up on my system and it does run longer

top tip
I removed apps from start up by disabling them in task manger

for some reason i had background app of random stuff these are not startup programms. these can be found in windows setting background apps/ just untick those
(yeah i had adobe stuff in there and old logitech stuff)

I tweeked microsoft game bar.

I uninstalled geforce experience as i found when app hung crash reporter64 was running in the overwatch app. this in ow1 was identified as other programms that lay a gi over the top of a game e.g xbox game bar and geforce experience. apprently in ow1 these could crash the gam. but also i dont need geforce experince i just download drivers direct from invidia and it frees up presious resources.

in nvidia control panel i made application specific limitations at card level like limit threaded and what things the card is and is not responcable for. I done performance over quality. and i tried with these on and reverting to defaults. and gathers dxdiags every time it crashes. so I have currently about 14 dxdiags i havent upladed some preupdate some post.

with these changes i see overwatch in the errors evertime which is wierd as for some of your dxdiags some of you dont. (fun story 1 of you had no overwatch 2 errors on the dxdiag HOWEVER there where fallout 2 errors TOP TIP dont play fall out 2 whilst waiting in a queue HAHAHAHA, i shall name no names YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE)
my dxdiags errors have changed over time from 2 days ago I now see razerchroma errors and diffrent ow2 error codes so the updates I think may be helping get new codes maybe the find the problem soon.

then there are some of you posting ryzen dxdiag after the thread title was changed to i3 so i ignored you guys. the laptop users i still try to redirect to my laptop thread some of those reports dont have ow2 error codes. I wonder if people know that your meant to run dxdiag whilst the app is hung up. not after you shut it down :thinking:

but alas it still crashes i now has hwinfo and dxdiag reports on the most recent build task manager still showing really high memory usage on my system and cpu3 looks diffrent like there is a throttling or something happening after 5mins that accumulates NOT SURE (I am looking at the logical process setting in cpu of task manager) the other 3 cpus there a correlation mirroring pattern but on cpu3 they diverge.
however hwinfo says there is no thermal thottleing across cpu0 or 1
my gpu i aint worried about both gpu-z and hwinfo on the settings i am running are not troubling the card.