Game freezing with Intel i3 / Dual core CPUs

Pentium CPUs are not supported. While some models will work for the game, any future update may render the game unplayable since it isn’t developed with those models in mind.

yeah at the top of the page
“This page details the video cards that are supported for use with Overwatch® 2. Due to potential programming changes, this list may change over time”

but the article is dated 3 days ago.
i hope they split the mobile gpu to the desktop nvidia and amd equivalent.

none of these have stoped me playing about 7hrs on the igpu on a uhd630 using the same setting that intel gave for a hd4000 to improve performance on the offical game maximiser. i think iam game pass level 7 or 8 thats with 30 match -75% penalty

I added a 3rd dxdiag by edit on my 1post winston crashes training room thread in the technical for a i5 6series mobile 6272U processor 8gb (NOTE this is not the igpu system I mentioned a minute ago.

it is repeatable prior to the update with and with razer synapse on and off. and tested again with the new update. 3 reports same hero on same outfit same settings roughly.

I dont see our issue on the list. The closest is the Back Screen thing which yes happens when we Alt Tab but main concern is whole game freezing and sound looping after 5 minutes mid gameplay


This GPU does not meet the minimum requirements for the game, so the fix in motion for this thread is unlikely to resolve the issue for you.

Yeah but integrated cards no longer meet the requirements, I’m positive on this as it was widely discussed during the beta. It’s an error to still be listed on that page, and I have already reported it to the staff.

Is there anyway you guys can bring back OW1 for the mean time?

Your system is not reporting a standalone GPU, only an iGPU in the CPU. This does not meet the system requirements for the game.

thats true. I dont see the main problem of this post on the list

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That card falls below the minimum requirements, so you can expect continued issues while trying to play.

Integrated GPUs no longer meet the requirements for the game.

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CPU i5-7200U
GPU Nvidia 940MX
game still crashes after 1 or 2 QM

yeah dont get to focused on that i usung it cos it works for me. till they fix the other issue on these

the i5 6272U 6 series mobile 8gb is the one with the 3 crash reports repeatable. and why i am here on this thread. a 2 core 4 thread…

have the best day u can its crazy on this board. now its time for me to sleep.

Can you explain, how do we know that “Using Alt + Tab in fullscreen and windowed borderless can result in a blackscreen” is our problem? They said nothing about the freeze


The freezing problem can be interpreted as crashing as well.


my concern is that I think there was a seperate issue people had with Alt Tabbing and getting black screen so I hope it’s not confused as the same concern


That falls below the requirements.

the crashes can’t be happening because we are below the requirements, many users with i7s and better CPUs have reported the same issue

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This thread has a collection of many players experiencing different issues. I linked the bug report post for those who are seeing the black screen the staff is addressing.

But what I said in your thread stands: If you are below the requirements, any updates may or may not make the game playable. However, they aren’t developing Overwatch 2 for Pentium CPUs and making the game work on them will not be their focus/objective.

They are currently trying to make the game playable for CPUs they listed as the minimum requirement, not anything below it.

We don’t have a black screen, the picture just freezes(