Game freezing with Intel i3 / Dual core CPUs

Did the update fix this?

my DxDiag

nope didnt fix a thing

nope, my game is still freezing. i hope the second maintenance will do something about it, now i’ll just go to sleep:)

Sad i don’t think there will be a fix …

If it’s not a priority, it doesn’t mean it won’t be. I hope at least


Game just launched, they gonna release the fixes they have when ready in batches somewhat quick. Least in theory. We don’t know how complicated this is. dxdiag
This is my dxdiag, Thank you very much!

Wait, they updated client or not? I’m so confused… is warning about a update at 6pm/9pm pdt, right?

there was an update but the time is when it’ll go down for mateniece so prob so server fixes and hopefully ours

Yeah, because they said that we’ll need to update our client after servers go down (DxDiag)

That’s a remnant from Overwatch 1, they need to update that. Notice it’s not on the minimum for Overwatch 2 base page. Good catch.

NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 600 series, AMD Radeon™ HD 7000 series

The others fall way below those and there’s no shot they are intended to be there. Just a mistake/outdated.

i hope an update come out and fix it

try asking to a tech support

The GPU would not meet the minimum requirements.

Hey all,

They are working on a fix.


good news , hope they fix it


Your GPU does not meet the system requirements for Overwatch 2. The update from the staff may not have any effect on your ability to play.