Game freezing with Intel i3 / Dual core CPUs

I was queuing for the log in and then I got a blizzard error

Where i can read that scheduled down time in 2 hours?

Same link, latest Overwatch known issues link, they also put it in the launcher.

When they said “black screen” we already knew it wasnt the problem we described.
Im losing hope. This problem is not new. We have it since beta and it looks like they dont care.


Whatever they tried to do made things even worse, because now the game freezes up almost momentarily after entering a match or practice map where previously it would take a while.

Took a little bit more time this time, but still crashing, guess us pentium users can just f off and not play the game

The 80 megabits update on October 6 at 5 p.m. it only seems to increase the penalty for my remaining games from 12 to 14, because I frozen at 4 minutes into the game.

No fixed. So sad… If i want play i need to disable the hyperthreading and i don’t want because i don’t play smooth.

i got really excited to play but no, still the same issue

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I gonna sleep, i don’t wanna wast more time today in this. Tomorrow i gona disable hyperthread and try to play whit fps drops.
Blizzard do something!!! >:(

I tried playing on asia server so that the queue is tolerable but the freezing issue is still there. I’m just gonna wait for the next maintenance schedule to finish and if that doesn’t work well :skull:

I also noticed when ow2 freezes and I went to kill the task in task manager, my disk usage is 99%, not sure if this is normal

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“Blimzzard pleamse helmp!!1!!! I camt play this game pleamse helmp pleas”

Everytime i close the game in task manager the RAM is at least at 90% usage, besides is the only parameter that doens’t change in the application after the crash

This couldn’t be a RAM management issue?

Someone with a high-end pc can check if this is happening there too?

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Any news? We need a fix please Blizzard

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Same here, when the game crashes ow is using 4.2-4.5GB of RAM (97% RAM usage).
In my laptop ow uses 2.4GB MAXIMUM.

Both systems have 8GB of RAM

I also just noticed high memory usage on crash

My DxDiag
This has been a frustrating issue since the first ow2 beta but I am thankful that they are finally acknowledging it

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still same issue, hope in a fix soon