Game buggin so bad

So okay I started queue for dps. AFter 10 mins of search I joined game, and automaticlly disconected from server. And lost 50 points, because your server disconected??? I saw chat and everything, but I could see map or anything about that match. So what I dont udnerstand its not my mistake I couldnt join match, but still I lost 50 points. Any clever explain?

This means the match continued on and it was the route from your location to the match that failed. If the match had cancelled or the server went down, you wouldn’t see the chat.

Its imposible to fail from my route, because I was constantly using wifi conection whole the time untill I heared the sound “welcome to …”. So its kinda not my fault or fault of my internet or pc…
If you understand me?

Every service you connect to uses different routes, so it is not impossible for the route to have failures. Unfortunately, your OP didn’t include the required network test for more specific troubleshooting.

If you disconnect from a match, the game penalizes you. This penalty is applied to everyone who disconnects from Comp matches. More info is pinned at the top of the forum: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties.

Well okay, so I read forum about penalties, and only thing I can say it is bs. Because not every player who got disconected is on purpose or something, like my now, I didnt want to disconect but your game disconected me, but I got penalty -50 points. I understand ppl who leave on purpose to get penalty, they wouldnt write here topic or something, but people like me who are talking and writing here should somehow benefit and get back that points.
I understand when you leave 5v6 to play, and Im the first one everytime when someone leaves gets upset, but this wasnt my fault and I know it as long as you are talking its something about my pc or route towards the game. But If I knew it was my fault I wouldnt even write down here. But never mind, start asking yourself why many of ppl are quiting game, there is no point of grinding and enjoy it if I play and then for no reason I loose 50 points, and there is no way to get back that 50 points. To be honest thats bs. Thanks and cheers

Please keep in mind that I’m a player like you and I don’t work at Blizzard. They accept feedback on the SR penalties in the #competitive-discussion forum, but developers don’t monitor the troubleshooting area.

If you change your mind and want to troubleshoot make sure to the add the WinMTR, as the thread will remain open.