Gaining Forum Access for New Overwatch 2 Players

Greeting Heroes!

In a previous update, we mentioned that we would be allowing forum access for new players following a game update once they reach certain progress in the game. That update is now live and new players who complete ten tiers in any Battle Pass season will be granted access to our General Discussion forum along with most other discussion channels. You can track the progress of your Battle Pass in-game. To join the conversation in the Competitive Discussion forum, you must win fifty games of Quick Play and be qualified to play Competitive Play in Overwatch. You can track your progress by checking the “Competitive Play Qualification” challenge in the Competitive section of your Challenges. Anyone with a valid account may post in the Technical Support and Bug Report forums.

Please remember to review the Blizzard Forum Code of Conduct and the Overwatch Forum Posting Guidelines before participating in the forums. If you have your milestones required but find you are still not finding access to the forums, please refer to this troubleshooting guide in our Technical Support forum.