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You need to be level 3 to be able to post images. For more info on your own level you can go here:


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How do I link those audio plug-in’s. It seems like I can’t anymore, instead it shows a link to it :C

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I was wondering it myself. I’ll try testing it later. If something works I’ll update this message

Heading examples



It should work this way:

You can use the direct link to the audio file (ending as .mp3 or .ogg etc…)

or the shortened one (using or other url shortening services)

Those are the only ways that works as far as I know. <audio> and <video> tags are probably disabled


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So it seems like <audio src= doesn’t work



video doesn’t work but you can use the youtube link to make it work


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Hi, I can’t put any pic or link in my topic, can somebody help pls ? I did everything he told us to do, but I got this blue message “Sorry, you can’t put image / link in your posts”…


Some features are locked for users below a certain trust level. For images and links you need to be trust level 3.
P.S. you can bypass the link lock simply enclosing the whole URL in a quote or using

`` and it will show as

More info here: New Overwatch Forum FAQ


I might be a bit late with asking this, but could you prehaps add this alternate way of making tables to the OP?



1 2 3
A A1 A2 A3
B B1 B2 B3
C C1 C2 C3

I find this format feels a bit more natural than the one you’ve posted, since it lets you (or me, at least) visualize the table better as you’re working on it.


I think there are guides specifically made for Markdown in the forum such as linkdude240’s Short markdown tut or Night’s Forum Markdown Guide
but this is strictly an HTML guide and I would like to keep it as it is for consistency.
That’s the reason why I also decided not to use Markdown anywhere in the tutorial code just in case anyone wanted to check how I did something.

I understand that Markdown may facilitate some things for someone and I appreciate the fact that you took some time to tell me about it though!


A great guide I used for a while, but sadly, much like the endorsement system the trust level system on the forums feels like a complete failure to foster any kind of positive community in OW.

I constantly go from trust level 3 back to 2 just because I have to travel for work once in a while. That’s a clear indicator that people should be revoked of privileges, am I right?


I agree with you that the requirements of level 3 are a little too restrictive for people who aren’t very active on the forum. Luckily most of the codes (except for img and a) are accessible to everyone.
The url restriction can be easily bypassed

Testing the forums

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