Forum HTML tutorial


Mi español está un poco oxidado pero escribiste un buen tutorial! Good job my friend :slight_smile:


I appreciate it!




How did you post a link with 1 post, 4 days visited and trust lvl 0?


Maybe Blizzard whitelisted forums URLs for everyone




This seems like the right place so here goes. What front-end and back-end technologies did blizz use to make the overwatch site?


I’m not very expert on the matter so take what I say with a pinch of salt. As far as I know the forum is based on “Discourse” it’s open source if you wanna check it out. It is written in Ruby/Javascript. Basically Javascript runs on your browser (ember.js FW) and Ruby does the server-side stuff. If you need more detailed info, I’m sure you can also find them on the Discourse website. As for the web server the forum runs on, it’s Nginx 1.12.2

I hope that answered your question


why can’t i link anything? THis level system is so stupid cause there are no guidelines given by blizzard or anything.

ffs i cant even share the link to my fav music on the forums becuase of this stupid system…

THis is tilting me harder then a one trick hanzo (Da dun tisss)


To have a better understanding of Trust Level system I suggest you to read linkdude240’s guide. I linked it in the tutorial!


Excuse me how do I make my words blue :frowning:


Blue words usually mean there’s a link behind them. You need to use

<a href="websiteurl">text</a> and it will look like

This is a blue text!

Feel free to check the paragraph about links in the tutorial!

Edit: Now with HTML anchors! yaaay! :smile:


You are a beautiful creature of light <3
I hope someone makes you really nice food today.



Exactly lol

This is


Hey @TomPowers or @Teslyvarr, it looks like I can’t edit it anymore again :\

Edit: Thanks Callie!




Added a few more cool things such as HTML Anchors (work in progress) and aligned text!

Edit: I edited some of the guide’s code to make it more decent-looking (it was a mess before) and improved/consolidated some parts of it. I hope you’ll like it!


What’s the point of embedded images when the forum rejects any post I make that has an image in it anyway?