Fitzyhere & WorstSombra (top 500 sombra mains) "Definite Nerf" 😥



  • can’t heal from payload (not good)
  • can’t contest the objective (huge)
  • INSANE range for detected (incredibly huge) (stealth just useless in normal game now)
  • moving slowly (huge)
  • can’t reach some hg without translocator (we lose so much mobility and if u are Sombra main u know what this means) (huge)


  • worst effect animation / sound ever
  • it can be destroyed by enemy team (huge)
  • It can be destroyed by hand only if it falls to the ground (incredibly stupid)
  • you actually should lose about 0.5-1.5 sec for find your translocator if u want to destroy him (incredibly stupid)

and all these changes for hero with 0.49% pickrate. What?
All buffs are nothing if you are good Sombra

Instead of infinite invisibility, you can always just hang around the corner (what Sombra players do very very often)
If you want to catch Zen from the resp you can wait around the corner also (really easy move)
if you need more than 20 seconds to act before teleportation - you are bad at managing your time and do not understand what to do
75% speed is so much better than 50% of the speed that it’s even hard to discuss, honestly
as well as the ability to capturing an object
all these changes seem to be some kind of dream, such a change simply can not occur to a normal person in a normal world
Reducing speed in invisibility plays such a big role that now you can just shoot at random places even more often, because Sombra is now longer in dangerous areas due to a lower speed
It’s incredibly dangerous to throw a translocator out of invisibility, because In case of danger, it will not be possible to escape, taking into account the new speed
Enemies know that they can shoot in the proposed area of teleportation more often, because Sombra simply does’t have time to leave it, and its possible directions of movement are very limited. The distance of jumps also decreased.
She became obvious and weak

Often we use invisibility just to change the position in battle - nerf
Often we use invisibility to just quickly return to battle after saving teleport - nerf
Often we use invisibility only to run a short distance faster - nerf (as an example on Rialto, I don’t need infinite invisibility if I can just cross the map now (from resp to backline)
Battles don’t occur on the entire map, they occur in a very limited space, in which case the speed is much more important than the duration. We are limited to our health and the health of our allies that are falling over time

An infinite translocator is also not effective. We often throw it and immediately use it to get to the place. Very rarely the timer goes beyond 20 seconds. Also, the absence of a limit forces the weaker players to play passively or just retreating
As you can see, the time of invisibility in each action is calculated and sufficient. I manage to cross the dangerous zone and find myself in the right place just in time


Sorry for the huge wall of text…

  • can’t heal from payload - This should not be used as a means to keep yourself alive. She can hack health packs
  • can’t contest the objective - This is not why she should be using her stealth, from a developer-intended point of view
  • INSANE range for detected - It’s not “Insane.” If you practice with it, you can still get good at maneuvering around the enemy and stay in hiding, whether they see you or not.
  • moving slowly - It’s the price for infinite stealth and translocator
    can’t reach some hg without translocator - Again, with practice you will know how to maneuver to a high ground and still be able to use your translocator effectively after


  • worst effect animation / sound ever - It is really loud, likely a bug. I haven’t seen issues with the animation, but if there are, it will probably get fixed too. Also, expect to get seen if you throw it out in the open.
  • it can be destroyed by enemy team - Learn to put it in safe places. The enemies shouldn’t be running around looking for it
  • It can be destroyed by hand only if it falls to the ground - I don’t see a point of destroying it in the air? She has to be able to destroy it if it has infinite duration. That’s like Quality of Life.
  • you actually should lose about 0.5-1.5 sec for find your translocator if u want to destroy him - For being tactical and smart? I disagree…


stop reading after this
have a nice day


What is this argument? :rofl:


I’m just trying to be constructive. I’m not just trying to dismiss every point you make. I’m not even sure exactly what you meant by that one…


My playstyle is engaging disruptor. I’m close to the battle, doesn’t care about the health packs, and I’m always trying to hack the enemies near my team. Usually it works quite well, because people expecting me being more Sombra-ish. I’m pretty good with managing my cooldown, and they are dictating my flow.

So now we have the changes. Which, of course, can sound lovely on paper, OP even (for some people). But despite my disappointment, I gave it a try.

To me, they totally missed the issue. She wasn’t struggling because of the stealth or translocator. I can say… she has high Latency. I mean, everything she does, she does with delay. Stealth, Hack, Trans, ultimate… Everything is slowing her down.

She also faces bugs, some annoying, some disrupting the game. She struggles with Hack being unreliable. Still it can break without a clear reason, you can make an “empty hack”, rarely your hack is on cooldown, but the opponent is not hacked. Plus it’s clearly not visible enough to your team.

So what we have now? Infinite Stealth and Translocator. What was the reasoning?

So far, the running feels bad, like in tar. Almost like you were caught by Mei. Basically it’s, I think, the same speed as Soldier’s, but somehow it feels clumsy.

Translocator is being destructible. That’s the good thing, that’s what we are asking for, because being stuck with long duration of it wasn’t helpful. But it also can be destroyed by the enemies. But ok, now you need to be careful when you are throwing it into the enemies. Sadly it’s now so loud. And she’s supposed to be an infiltrator.

Not to mention new extended range of being detected. And as WorstSombra showed, it’s broken already (the sound of being detected likes to play even when you were not detected).

They also removed one of the Sombra’s strength left - stalling the point. Sometimes these few seconds was more than enough to bring your team a chance to take it.

And still, every random bullet will break your stealth xd


Can you Blizzard make something good news to her?
If you said that was a buff,you are fake news dude.
She has no enough damage output,her kit is 100% worse than others damage characters


She hasn’t recieved a single “good news” since the first and only buff after 3 months of her release when the sped up the hack animation by 0.2 sec.

Every potential buffs (like the last one before this mess…) was counter weighed by nerfs that ultimately made her worse.

She legit has not recieved a buff for more than 1.5 years. If anything positive has happened to her, she got a butt load of negatives to make her feel worse. She is still riddled with bugs, she feels and plays a lot more inconsistently and now this…


Well, I’d say her spread was made better, but there are Sombra mains who saw it as a nerf.


Care to read the entire post maybe instead of cherry picking a single sentence from it and ignore literally the reason I said it?


But you know I basically agree with you?


I get it but that still doesn’t change the fact that the spread reduction came with the sh*tload of bugs to her LOS, hack cooldown and what have you. Sorry if I was rude, but I’m just at the point where I lost all my patience, I had so many people cherry pick what I said and make something else out of it. I was on auto pilot, sorry.


No worries, that’s the usual of Mercy threads.

Well… maybe that’s the 3-star material? Being able to make it work, despite all the bugs and being a scapegoat? xd


Well if that’s the case, Blizzard sure makes it their hearth’s content to make it as hard as possible and making it harder and harder as time goes on.


The Sombra changes are completely horrible, the character is literally unplayable - you can’t use Translocator in the middle of a fight in order to perform combat maneuvers because they can destroy it, you can’t slip thru’ a choke with stealth when they have 4m of detection, you can’t make half the number of jumps you could with the reduced stealth speed. I don’t actually see anything the changes give her other than being able to spawn camp - good luck actually doing anything in a team fight now.

Symmetra Turrets are more survivable than Translocator, facepalm.


Lol ikr

How would you be able to contest anyways when the detectability range is almost the size of a Winston bubble?


She might be easier now for new players to pick her up but #notmySombra

I’m so sad and disappointed by the changes.


She might be easier for starters, but you can’t get as much out of her when you get better. Now every other hero has more value than Sombra if played on an equal skill lvl.


PTR changes are usually pushed straight to live despite tons of feedback against it. There’s no hope for Sombra RIP, again.


Whats dead may never die.