Fitzyhere & WorstSombra (top 500 sombra mains) "Definite Nerf" 😥


“Translocator can be killed… by enemies. Enemies can detect you from farther away. Definite nerf imo.” - from twitter just now.

Watching him test new Sombra on PTR and he is very disapointed and all our predictions about negative impacts on sombra are true.

Worst of all as fitzy says they can see you from twice as far while stealthed, but the infinite translocator isnt an issue because it has a whooping “5 hp” your get out jail free card is more likely to get you killed now if someone finds it and your relying on it for an escape during a risky push.

here’s WorstSombra showing off the new “Buffs”


Oof that’s rough. It’s like the Ana change all over again :[


ht tps://

“move slower, can be detected further, cant contest.”


Fitzy is a Mei main too. Sooo, get ready for a lot more Mei gameplay from him i am betting. I am about done hoping with Sombra. Never wanted or needed these changes.


i’m uninstalling this game now lol


How can you be detected from further away?


it’s increased from 2 to 4 meters


they incresed the range from 2 meters to 4 meters. No more slipping through choke points.


It is probably still fine for me, I put my translocator in the most b-made spots and try not to get close to enemies while I am stealth regardless. That being said, not sure how you are supposed to get past choke points now…


Wait they actually made her be detected from further away? And they made her translocator destroyable?

Oh my God blizz really has no idea what to do with Sombra. This is incredibly disappointing


I was willing to keep an open mind until I tried them, but wow this just sounds like a massive nerf. Wow…


You have to be kidding me right now…they might as well delete the hero from the roster.
I greatly consider changing main depending on what goes through to live…


I agree. Fitzy’s insane 10 minute analysis with no gameplay is proof that Sombra is garbage.


Here. Have a clickable link.


Uh, they said nothing about translocator guys

Stealth has 5 health, not translocator

Unless the patch notes are written wrong, which it has another issue I spotted


the patch note are wrong they didnt even mention the movement nerf from 75 to 50. watch the clip bastion kills translocator in one shot



I waited for her to be viable since her release.


Yeah it’s pretty bad her speed is awful while invis now probably lost a good 1/3 of her jump locations you used to reach key locations without translocator.


It’s obvious written wrong