Failed to earn Contenders Symmetra or Mercy skins? IMPORTANT UPDATE ANNOUNCED!

Got a boilerplate/generic troubleshooting suggestions response from Blizzard, not helpful at all.

This is because game masters are not responsible for handling outside-of-game promotions like streaming drops. They do not have the access to stream logs and able to review cases on a one-by-one issue. As an MVP, I can alert Blizzard Customer Service when I see a trending issue is going on, but I more or less these days try to work with Josh Nash when I can when problems like stream drops are apparent.

Again, Blizzard is aware of the issue and last I am told, the right people are looking into this and seeing if anything can be done.


So I’m in the same boat, I watched Europe, Korea and NA streams. but received no drops. I had successfully logged in and had the indicator showing to receive drops but still didn’t receive mercy or Symmetra.

I used google chrome, cleared cache / cookies.

Using HP omen laptop :disappointed: in the UK


A couple days ago i watched most the streams that supposed to give me the skins for Mercy and Symmetra, and i’ve got only the Symmetra skin, i watched easly more than 20 hours, i waited a bit because i thought maybe you delayd it or something, but now i see i’m not the only one with the same problem

And also my brother watched those streams from his account and got both the Mercy and the Symmetra skins without any issue, i clearly see that this is a problem with some of the accounts, including mine.

Streams i watched:
October 28th @ 3 PM PDT - North America Week 4 Upper Bracket Round 1 2 - EU & NA Combined Time: 9:19:30
October 29th @ 11 AM PDT - Europe Week 4 Lower Bracket Round 1
October 29th @ 3 PM PDT - North America Week 4 Lower Bracket Round 1 - EU & NA Combined Time: 7:40:30
October 30th @ 11 AM PDT - Europe Week 4 Upper Bracket Round 2 5
October 30th @ 3 PM PDT - North America Week 4 Upper Bracket Round 2 5 - EU & NA Combined Time: 8:08:51
October 31st @ 11 AM PDT - Europe Week 4 Lower Bracket Round 2
October 31st @ 3 PM PDT - North America Week 4 Lower Bracket Round 2 - EU & NA Combined Time: 7:45:58

In combine i watched from all those streams close to 30 hours.

I watched from this site: (and i was logged to my account the whole time of course)

And also if you need more information:
Broswer: Google Chrome
Platrom: PC
Country: Israel

Have a great day and thanks for the help!

I have totally forget about the lucio and Torb skins, am I screwed or do I still have enough time for them.

Plenty of time, see the schedule in my master guide for matches happening this weekend and later this month.


Thank you very much.

You have the entire month of November with whatever streams this month has. Haven’t gotten Torbjorn myself yet…

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I watched but didn’t get any rewards. Dont believe I ever got enough hours to get Mercys but definitely Syms.

I also play on playstation from Engalnd. I watched the games through the contenders website and I made sure everything is linked.

Iv also never unlocked that OWL Tracer skin either and I watched all of that, and I somehow lost a legendary Mccree skin as well that I used to own.

Just got the Lucio skin. Starting to lose hope for getting the mercy skin.

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Lucio and Torbjorn skins have shown up, but still puzzled on the Mercy skins, since nothing really changed from what I have done compared to last month in terms of viewing the streams.

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So many of us had this issue, despite the fact we didn’t have the full month of october to follow up on theses streams…

Just hoping they’ll be obtainable by other means because i doubt we’ll get an update from bliz.

The worst part of it will be november : We still aren’t sure we will be getting thoses 2 new babies in our collection…


Let me add my two cents to this conversation.

A friend of mine and I watched these at the exact same time and some how I managed to get both skins and she only managed to get one. An issue I faced is that Mercy did take well over 15 hours. Once Symmetra was unlocked I was shocked at how many additional streams it took to unlock the Mercy skin.

Another issue I faced is once Blizzard jumped from Twitch to YouTube I increasingly had problems with drops. Before I could simply open a Firefox tab and watch on my main notebook. However, after the jump; when OWL came back around, I was receiving zero tokens regardless of how much I watched. In order for me to obtain any drops now I have to use my iMac, open both Safari and Opera browsers to watch while additionally trying on Firefox on my notebook. I’ve gone as far as opening a fourth browser on my gaming PC.

I. Should. Not. Have. To. Have. Four. Browsers. Going. On. Three. Computers. To. Receive. Drops.


Still have not received my skin on either PC nor Console. I’m a US player and I watched most of the last weekend of NA/EU streams, plus some from the previous weekend NA/EU. I should have enough watch hours for the Sym skin, but doubtful for the Mercy.

A similar thing happened for OWL tokens when I watched from the website (I usually watch from the app) I didn’t receive any tokens for that watch time either.

Since they put the green dot on the streams that last weekend, I’ve had the green dot on my feed and have been logged in each time.

Actually got my Torb skin but still do not have Mercy. Was watching the stream on my second screen while I played something else so can confirm it doesnt have to be your main focus, at least for the first skin.

Changing passwords did not do anything with the skins. I’m trying for the November skins now and so far nothing all week. Tried switching computers, switching browsers, switching stream languages. So far no luck.

Did everything they said, watched well over 25hrs on the account I want the skin for with the green dot pinging, did the trouble shooting with the password changes and all that.

I got the Sym skin, but didnt get Mercy, WHY?

Well I am done, and I give up trying to get it since it appears Blizzard is going to do nothing

Give me my time I wasted watching something I dont care about back please, I just wanted the skin.

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It figures of course.

The one skin that everyone wants is the one that is the hardest to acquire. If I were Blizzard, considering they apparently have no direct way to know who watched what for how long after the fact, they should probably just award those who did get Symmetra’s skin with Mercy’s as well. But that’s my opinion.

I did manage to get both myself, but I didn’t like how vague and the requirements are to obtain these.

Anyway. Good luck to everyone.


I’m pretty sure I’ve watched almost every of the transmited matches in the contenders webpage, yet I got none of the skins on my PS4 account. If is necessary so say some, then at least the last ones:

  • October 30th @ 11 AM PDT - Europe Week 4 Upper Bracket Round 2
  • October 30th @ 3 PM PDT - North America Week 4 Upper Bracket Round 2
  • October 31st @ 11 AM PDT - Europe Week 4 Lower Bracket Round 2
  • October 31st @ 3 PM PDT - North America Week 4 Lower Bracket Round 2

I hope everything is alright now. I’ve read all the troubleshooting instructions and also hope I can get the next ones…

I wasn’t able to get the Mercy skin
Streams I watched included:
Korean Grand finals (4 Hours), I watched a large portion of the Chinese games if not all, the same thing with Europe and possibly NA on the 28th, 30th and 31st. I’d count at least 20 hours of watch time minimum.

I tried watching in different browsers and devices all watching from the Overwatch League contenders page.

My resident country for my Blizzard account is assigned to Australia