Failed to earn Contenders Bastion or Reinhardt skins?

didnt get the rein skin
watched ALL the streams this month, and the scond chance strams for the rein skin
i got echo and brig too

I did not get the rein skin. I watched all of the collegiate playoffs and some of the Korean group stage Day 1.

I earned Brig and Echo.

I watched the collegiate finals and got the Brig skin during that stream, then watched the whole korean contenders stream both on the 12th and 13th, the full 4 hours each day. With those streams I should have a total of about 10 hours watched during the grace period. Still no Rein skin.

Sunday - Collegiate Playoffs Day 2
Monday - :kr: - Group Stage Week 4 Day 1
Tuesday - :kr: - Group Stage Week 4 Day 2

I also waited the max of 48 hours it could take to show up, which was early today. Still nothing

havnt got reinhart or bastion skin, im really certain i watched all these streams below, havnt earned echo or brig skins since i didnt watch in april

Monday, March 15th @ 8:00 PM - :kr: - Group Stage Week 1 Day 1
Tuesday, March 16th @ 8:00 PM - :kr: - Group Stage Week 1 Day 2
Thursday, March 18th @ 6:00 PM - :australia: - Regular Season Week 2
Thursday, March 25th @ 8:00 PM - :kr: - NEW! OWL Community Experimental Play Exhibition Matches
Monday, March 29th @ 8:00 PM - :kr: - Group Stage Week 2 Day 1
Tuesday, March 30th @ 3:00 AM - :eu: - Tournament 1 Day 1
Tuesday, March 30th @ 8:00 AM - :us: - Tournament 1 Day 1
Tuesday, March 30th @ 8:00 PM - :kr: - Group Stage Week 2 Day 2

I didn’t know contenders started back up cause there was no announcement on the splash page. So I also missed the second chance. Is there any way to get them or will they be available for purchase at a later date? My husbands 2 fav characters so he really wants them and I have all the others. Will be getting Echo and Brigitte probably on Monday.

I have no knowledge on future opportunities on any past Contenders skin.

To make sure that you don’t miss out on in-game rewards, I run an unofficial Twitter feed called @dropswatch which works to post whenever any new rewards or live stream is live. I also maintain important news on a topic pinned at the top of the forums:

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im definetly not persuing another skin after this. for most of us it was just a scam that screwed our sleep schedule and did nothing. And the Reinhardt was one of the top tier skins.

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If there’s one thing I can change about this unreliable system, is it’s not worth bothering setting alarms to wake myself at hours I’d rather be asleep in. If I’m awake and I remember the games on,thats fine, but no more of my alarm waking me up just for a Skin, it’s a bad routine to get into.

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I didn’t get Rain’s appearance either. Although I watched all the matches of the month and a green circle was on. In March, only the appearance of the Bastion was received.

I have watched the 10th, 11th, and 12th and have still not gotten the rein, but i got the brig and echo, so i dont know what to do from this point.

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If I will have an incomplete OWC collection, after watching over the required amount, because of some error I am not responsible for, I guess I will be another one barely caring about Contenders. :expressionless:


…so i guess Blizzard isnt doing anything about this?

I have had no new information on this.

They should just give us the chance to earn the Bastion and Reinhard skins again next month on top of the upcoming skins…
It shouldn’t be a problem for them to acknowledge that there were problems happening with the system, and it doesn’t cost them anything to give a decent chance to all contenders fans, that had problems with the system in March, to earn them again.

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I got the Reinhardt skins now, cannot say if on the 19th or on the 20th, but certainly after watching Collegiate Playoffs and Korean Contenders Week 4.

Yay Reinhardt turned up today.
Still working to Brigitte, so things are looking brighter.
As always thank you WyomingMyst for your hard work

This is surprisingly good news. I am glad to hear it.

ugh i still dont have mine :frowning:

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still a no no for me too unfortunately …

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Hi I have gotten all the skins except Reinhardt (Brig, Bastion, Echo)…not sure why, but I’ve seen a ton of streams