Experiments with Reaper changes show them to be a nerf


They haven’t. But I’ve done my testing on the PTR and on live. The spread pattern is pretty clear and is very easy to infer from a large wall.


I had questions when I first saw the change, but here’s why it’s a nerf (outside the gifs proving it’s a nerf.)

  • Reaper’s ‘fixed’ spread forces pellets to an outer ring and center dot.
  • Reaper’s old randomization allowed all of those pellets to go closer to the middle.

The result?

  • More pellets to the outside
  • Less pellets to the middle

He’s using a shotgun for crying out loud. This is a nerf. I’m frustrated and I rarely play Reaper…but perhaps I’m just frustrated at all the people who have an opinion without even experiencing the changes and going “JUST AIM LOL.”

Spread needs to be tightened, or the strange pattern needs to be changed if they want this to be a buff.


It’s not glitchy, it’s doing exactly what it’s meant to be doing but that ends up as a nerf because it means less pellets are hitting enemies.

I absolutely agree it’s not an intentional nerf, no one at Blizzard thought they were nerfing him doing this (and is clear evidence they didn’t bother to test this change at all) but they are.


It’s either a bug or an oversight.

Calm down.


Here you go.


I clearly stated why it’s a problem, why I’m frustrated and what I think they should do to fix it.

Get lost if you want to try telling me how to communicate.


The ptr has been out for how long??

Like a single day and you’re ready to start burning villages because it’s not instantly changed.


at 10 Meters against the rather large training bots.

PTR requires 4 sometimes 3 to kill a bot.

Live requires 3 sometimes 2.

I mean, I wanted to come in here and point out that maybe we just need to aim at the bots in a different location or account for their slight movement up and down but even after trying to factor those things in, I am unable to reliable hit 3 shot kills on the PTR bots.


So…when do we give feedback? When is the correct time? Sounds like you’re the only one blowing things out of proportion.

“And you’re ready to start burning villages.”

Already at the point where you need to use hyperbole and make things up to have a point?

And this post from earlier where you clearly spoke from ignorance.

No offense, but you’re not worth replying to anymore.


I’m guessing it’s just an oversight, it is called Public Test for a reason. Gladly someone caught it.

But the question now is, Hog had a similar change. How is he?


Learn to take a joke.

Yes this indeed looks like very very constructive feedback.


I’ve tested this. PTR is two shots at 5 meters, 3 at 10 meters, 7 at 15 meters. Live is 2 shots 5 meters, 3 shots 10 meters, 7 at 15 meters pretty consistently. I’m not seeing any differences at all.


Honestly, I am having trouble believing my own eyes. They must have screwed up implementing the fix. That’s definitely worse if it is like that every time. Surely that isn’t what they intended though.


I too want to know the answer to this.


There was no screw up. They just clearly did not test it at all. More uniformity in spread means that it’s more consistent and it’s more consistently bad.


Well, here is a visual on how the spread is from PTR to Live: http://www.screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/122943
The one that looks more like a doughnut is the PTR (hovering your mouse over and off the image lets you see both).

So that’s why at given distances, it is a huge nerf to Reaper, because he is going to have to play a lot closer in order to get more value out of his shotguns. With the more random spread, you would have more pellets hitting the center of your crosshair vs what is on PTR, where pellets are more spread out evenly.


This does make sense in some respect.

Reducing the random effects the game has on the spread of shotguns means there’s less of a chance that your shots randomly hit center mass. In 4 shotgun shells (or 80 pellets) there’s a good chance that most pellets hit closer to center mass.

Reducing the randomness of this means the shotguns have a more fixed pattern, but with a dignified purpose – that is, to bust down tanks caught in the open.


His was a buff. I can’t be bothered to test again and I’d rather just respond to people here but I remember seeing earlier a post on Reddit about how he takes less shots to kill now, but you’ll just have to trust me.


It was satire with the intent to discredit the OP. Don’t pack-pedal now. Except, satire is only funny when it points out flaws rather than being riddled with them.

Quoting a small portion of my post out of context now? Hm, let’s go look at the rest.

I stated why it’s a nerf
I stated what they can do to fix it.

But that doesn’t fit your narrative of me being unreasonable, so of course you won’t quote it.

You’re an embarrassment to the act of discussion. I’m reporting you for trolling, and I’m not replying further.


Thanks for the screenshot. That helps a lot actually. You can definitely see that the PTR pattern has fewer pellets in the center and more on the outside.

Yeah, that’s not good.