Experiments with Reaper changes show them to be a nerf


The pattern was not changed. The randomization of the pattern was. Reaper fires in 3 rings. He shoots 20 pellets. 1 pellet goes in the center, 7 go in the center ring and the final 12 go in the outer ring. These pellets are allowed to deviate a little, the PTR changes meant that the deviation is now harsher and they cannot deviate as much, meaning luck is less likely to influence your shots, making it more consistent. This means he is more consistently bad, and therefore it’s a nerf.


Sounds like double speak to me but I don’t know everything about Reapers spread so who knows.


Ok so Im discussing this thread with a friend and we think you’re seeing what you’re seeing because of where you are aiming. I think someone else also said that.

On live, if you aim center torso like you are, pellets will randomly go up to the head region and score headshots. On the PTR you’ll have 50% less randomization.

So my guess is that the randomness is giving you more damage on live. Now whether or not that’s a nerf is another discussion. IN THIS SCENARIO it is, but that doesn’t mean it is across the board.


So, they gave him skill?


No, because if you aimed at the exact same location on PTR and live, on PTR you deal 30% less damage.


OP might be right.

Also, Reaper on PTR: https://gfycat.com/VigorousScholarlyAntarcticgiantpetrel

Reaper live: https://gfycat.com/DownrightEvilGar


That is only true if your aim was bad. If your aim was good, then it’d be more consistently good right? Unless Im missing something o.o


Got my results, you’re right! Edited my original post


It’s hard to explain. I encourage you to try for yourself and do a small test sample of about 10 kills on PTR and live.


How to maximize reaper damage at mid range
Shoot slightly to the side of the target so you hit him with both inner and outer ring.
Havn’t tested but in theory this would work.
Still hope they change it.


Oh im not saying you’re wrong. I think this is really interesting actually. I wonder how it plays out with more testing. If the spread is more consistent, I mean logically you can produce a scenario where that wouldnt be a good thing.

I guess my question is how often is it a bad thing? I’m guessing not very often, but thats just a guess.


We don’t understand exactly what “reduced spread randomization by 50%” actually means, and until we know that I don’t think there’s any point guessing why the change made reaper worse.

Let’s just raise awareness about this bug (because I’m 90% sure it’s a bug), and hopefully blizzard will change it.

It seems pretty consistently worse than before. You can test it out from a bunch of different ranges in the training range.

Prooftested on PTR : Reaper's new spread results in lower DPS even at close range
Prooftested on PTR : Reaper's new spread results in lower DPS even at close range

GG blizz.

This is where i’d put a gif of Reaper’s slow clap emote


I hate this forum sometimes


Is this the same case with Roadhogs lmb shots though? Anyone test?


Not to sound like a smart *** but I know what it means. Here’s a link to imgur, showing how reaper’s spread pattern works and what I drew up:

h ttps://imgur.com/efkqfvn

Those red circles represent 1 pellet each, and on live those red circles are TWICE the size. Meaning it can be positive, and negative.


Has blizzard confirmed this though? Or is it a community theory

Regardless, I think we all agree that PTR reaper’s shotguns are worse, and that it really should get fixed.


Please understand and try to read some of the posts I’ve made in defense of my point and I think you’ll see my point.


Sorry at work, can’t test :frowning:

Can you try shooting at different locations, maybe the sweet spot moved?

This is so hard without knowing exactly what that note means Haha


But that’s more of glitchy programming, and not an intentional nerf