Experimental Mode – Soldier: 76 Recoil

actually mccrees drop off starts sooner, but it is odd that mccree has zero recoil or spread when just holding down fire tbh and there’s no aim punch when getting shot as a sniper or any of that, just slower movement speed and scoped in shot and slower fire rate.

and 30m is basically the average poke distance on most maps anyways.

now he will just be able to pressure more at his max distance but idk if he actually will be able to even compete even with this change.

i mean i get it if the recoil is straight up because the game is so quick anyways that aiming is gonna be something to struggle with, but i think it’s just a little bit… boring? like atleast do a 7 pattern or an S pattern or something.

but sure i don’t mind seeing more soldier honestly, i really like that character.

but i mean just looking at these changes as of late, it seems they want to remove the unpredictability of things and i hope reaper gets a bit of a rework honestly.

it’s not fun running around with shotguns that are basically winstons tesla cannon with some lifesteal attached to it.

So…in summary…

Just go play Valorant because projectile based heroes are finished in this game.

Ok, then…will do.:ok_hand:


Same. I started as an Orisa main because no one played Tank and I couldn’t play Rein.

I like this it’s like CSGO or Battlefield

FANTASTIC CHANGE, not so much though in order to buff Soldier, but to actually get 1 step closer to completely removing random spread, which has ZERO place in a Competitive game like Overwatch.


these are really not nerfs if u have good recoil control you deal more damage and have to not depend on rng spread.

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this is hype, can you remove the noob tube and focus more on his gun

lol haven’t heard that in a long time.

You just made a CoD veteran really happy. No spread + 5 additional bullets means… You better respect your elders from now on.

Brace yourselves.


lol CoD veterans :smiley: that seems so weird to me since cod is like a newish type of fps game to me still in my brain. it’s like Halo :smiley:

i was a fan of the 6 bullet laser burst aiming, not a fan of the ‘drag reticle down while shooting’ thing

the gun was fine, rework the ult


Meanwhile compared to all other damage heroes, those other hitscans are perceived as superior in basically every situation. Lets fix that by trying to make every hitscan superior instead of having S76 feel left out of the party.



CoD has been around since 2003, the franchise is actually older than World of Warcraft :joy:

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I wish that was the case for me. I regret moving OW off of my HDD, I’ve lost out on the S76 pick each time in the few games I’ve gotten so far. :unamused:

We’ve barely started to leave the damage creep and you want to add to it? Just nerf Ashe and Widow…


this feels better as a soldier main nice to see something happen

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Ashe and widow are fine how much can you even nerf widow? Taking away headshots would make her feel so bad to play? Just play cover and use shields.

I think this is an outstanding direction to take Soldier 76 in and would definitely approve if at least one other hero got a similar change (bastion’s recon rifle)

Couple things

The straight vertical recoil pattern is very simplistic and isn’t really the kind that takes practice to master. There’s usually gotta be some unpredictable left or right pull to the pattern or something that changes the intensity of the pattern gradually over time.

Right now it’s simply a matter of pulling down at a fixed rate while firing full-auto all the time, and I hate to say it but this is gonna be ridiculously broken at higher ranks. With practice there’s nothing to stop him from hitting headshots 70-80% of the time and this will turn him into a ~300dps hero.

My suggestion is one or more of the following

  1. Vertical recoil that changes intensity based on how many shots have been fired, starts off minor, increases after 5 shots, and maxes out at about 15 shots. That would make the second half of the clip harder to control and will limit how much damage he can put out against tanks.

  2. A point at which the shots deviate vertically slightly from the crosshair. Meaning it will land ABOVE where the crosshair is located. This is how recoil in both counter-strike and valorant works, and it becomes harder to master since you have to either watch for where the impacts are landing or practice how much to adjust your crosshairs below where you want to aim. This typically occurs later in the clip, so I would say 10 rounds in would be about the right mark where it starts to jump up, which then maxes at ~15 rounds.

  3. Some kind of horizontal recoil that occurs after 5-10 rounds and alternates at least once over the entire duration of the clip

I really hope you guys go through with this in concept because it significantly raises the skill ceiling to playing 76 and sets a precedent that might allow other heroes to have a similar change. However, if you implement it as is, I think there’s gonna be a problem, and I hope you don’t try to fix the problem by adjusting his numbers around, since that’s likely to give him a rank-based strength disparity where he is weak at low ranks and balanced only at high ranks.

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I love the change and it would make me pick soldier more often. This doesn’t make him OP, he still can get owned by the likes of Sombra and McCree. Good Job!

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I never said that lol

Increase the charge time on her shots, or severely reduce the damage she does at close range. Make her less lethal and easier to dive.