Experimental Mode – Soldier: 76 Recoil

rng makes sense sometimes.
in this case it ment for soldiers optimal ranges where more specified as he couldn’t just control the spread and had to figure in that the spread is only good to aim for the body at a certain distance and closer the spread wouldn’t matter you could go for headshots still.

but with recoil control you can keep going for headshots non-stop at all ranges and be useful kinda as much at any distance constantly with soldier76.

And I’m not going to wait 10 minutes to try either

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I’ve only been able to test it out in PMAJellies training ranges so far, but I can imagine that this is going to take some getting used to. The recoil is harsher than I thought it would be.

Many want a mode that no one gives two hoots about the outcome in, and many also want first hand knowledge of playing around the character with the change to provide feedback and/or know what to expect if the changes go live.

I’m not stating facts. I’m saying that I am aiming better without even trying. It means something. Preliminary results if you wish. Unlike some who stated that it is a nerf without any data behind it.

The bigger buf IMO is 30 bullets. That is insane.

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I feel ya on that. I once had 30+ mins on an experimental queue.

i mean this change is ment to buff soldier76.
and i think it will too, it’s kinda at the point where it’s questionable as to why he still has the ultimate he still does because it doesn’t aim for headshots.

I don’t think bastions gun had this could be wrong tho

Not for the most underwhelming hitscan mate.

unless the target is a tank and staying immobile, you need REALLY GOOD tracking to get consistent headshots on a spray.

So? He still does 20 damage per bullet and has fall off damage on 30-50 meters. He is FULLY capped that way, the RNG was an overkill :man_shrugging:

I just dont see why people freak out about this but suddenly a Mcree pumping 140 damage HS on the same distance or Ashe and Widow literally deleting people is “ok” because they have to aim … :thinking:

Well, now soldier has to aim AND control recoil so yeah, Balanced.

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Nope, nobody picked soldier. Everyone picked what they wanted already so I just went soldier to test it.

I was about to go to sleep, but screw that I guess.

Time to update overwatch after I dunno how many months

baptiste…not bastion

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I like this, randomness is bad - even if it’s too strong consider adding this but nerfing something else about him at the same time. ANYTHING for the stupid spread to go away.

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Revert uppercut. Thanks.


People like to play against the hero too. Testing the changes goes both ways after all.

Though, if both teams don’t pick the changed hero(es), then yeah there’s no point

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It was like seal clubbing Hammond when he came out using Bastion.

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Yeah, that sounds about right! Lol

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Yeah, what about reload during sprint? You know, the thing most people are requesting?


Should’ve potentially drop S76 damage down to 19 or 18. Although, I miss playing S76.


Anyone want to take some bets on the over-under on q times for this experimental?

I’m going with:

Support: >2minutes

Tank > 1 minute

Dps: 10 minutes