Experimental is Gone

Yeah you know… i read that part. But instead of making a joke patch to try and get a laugh hows about trying to fix the broken game you have. All this exp patch was, was an attempt to take away that we have no content or any proper patches for ages

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Hog should never be a meta hero, he should just be some hero that dominates gold.

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Hey now, the fun police failed to stop D.Va crush going to Live. Maybe their long reign of terror has come to an end! Maybe we can have nice things!


Dude that d.va call mech change is hilarious, I can’t take it seriously.

I was playing mercy on kings row the other day with my duo, and this d.va was literally hiding beside this wall, comes out of no where and crushes me back to the spawn room. I legit screamed :rofl:, man it was funny though.

It’s the one death you can actually laugh at.

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Such a waste of an experiment, at least streamers had fun in their tournament that i’m sure nobody watched.


I am going to miss it, too! :heart:

Flats, Somjuu, and Violet did a fantastic job coming up with their creative changes. Personally, I am going to miss D.Va’s boosters lasting forever and being able to pistol whip people for 100hp. :woozy_face:


For some heroes. Others got a middle finger.


A blue poster that isn’t Andy quickly SHOWER THEM WITH LOVE!

Hi Jody nice to see you. Hopefully things are going well over there.



You better duck, I have a feeling rotten tomatoes are flying your way.

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This is not the main job for a content creator cup.

seriously stop teasing us Pharah players


Says the person who still doesn’t get why they made it.
[The whole point of it was for fun like an Arcade mode]

yea i liked it too. saved my life a lot heh. the moving while ulting was nice too she seemed more fluid. seriously tho can you imagine if it went live. the torches and pitchforks would be tremendous. kind of op :wink:

pharah was the answer to lucio for me in the experimental. since so many players went lucio i head hunted him with pharah. i was able to kill lucio as pharah more then ashe, mei, widow, and tracer for sure

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Ana was basically unchanged, 2 out of 7 heroes being fun isnt exactly the entire role being fun…

You say being a one trick isnt fun but then say its ok that 2 heroes were fun…which is why every game was Bap and Lucio…the irony lol


for supports the tournament featured moira and lucio. thats it lol. nobody watched it but there was a thread that posted the replay codes

Oh i get why they made it. To have different game play…

But you know what, and i know this idea is going to be crazy so please bear with me, they should just fix the game instead of devoting time to this. Or another crazy idea make new maps and heroes so that we can enjoy that.

I get that i am thinking outside the box here and i hope you can understand that sometimes crazy ideas work

You sound mad at the world dude. I hear this but what does this have to do with the streamers having “no idea”?

The task was to make a fun patch and they succeeded.

What don’t they have an idea about, sir?

Because there are fundamentals wrong with this game and taking the dev time away for something so stupid when we couldve actually had QoL patches and actual updates to heroes they decided to do this.

This was not needed. The game needs so much more than a idiotic exp card.

As for being mad… yeah kinda. I want a decent game. is that a hard ask?

But it wasn’t their idea to take dev time away…

I think you might need to sit down sir.

I enjoyed the patch. I play only periodically now but I kind of know the deal…

We wait till OW2 for big changes.

You might not like it but I suggest doing other things in the mean time rather than this core issue spinning out your anger towards things that are unrelated :relaxed:

Or just stay angry.

it didn’t matter that it was broken though because a lot of other things were broken and fun as well