Experiment time?

Glad Jeff is talking with us.

So Jeff, i think there is a fundamental issue with this experimental card. People queueing for tank are inflated due to people wanting to try the new changes and this mode doesnt really have competitive match making, so the experience goes more torwards quickplay than anything else.

So the data you get from this seems kinda meaningless.
For better data, you would a) have to introduce a competitive format and b) have enough time until the dust settles and the people who were just hyped for the tank changes calmed down.

So the good queue times youre seeing right now, i would take with a grain of salt.

Lol Ashe has a copper glove.


What if we play 7 vs 7? 2-3-2? So we’ll have no solo tank and no “I’m widdow I snipe them all” games ;o

The development team addressed a while back that there are too many technical obstacles at this time to have more than 12 players in the game.


Ohhh boy… everyone jumpin on the “Mei’s wall is getting nerfed” boat.

Just putting this here

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Any updates on qpc achieves Jeff?

And can you speak to the idea of having multiple play styles/comps side by side (not just in arcade)

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I know :sob:

There’s been negative posts because people are hating change, especially when there is only one tank.

I love this experience, and it has good affects on role queue. Although majority don’t like the overhaul.

It probably will be though, as it stands the strongest object in the game is meis 2000 hp wall, and it’s much more flexible than the barriers the tanks do get, and it is impassable, it’s probably just going to get made to not be deployable through shields.

In the context of 1/3/2 it’s a big deal having a dps that can supplement the job of a tank while simultaneously instakilling the enemy tank by putting up a wall behind them cutting them off from the majority of their team. It’s good counterplay if they add it, and it would 100% make sense in 1/3/2 since cuttting the tank away from the team that easily with nothing to really stop it other than mei being unprepared for the push it’s total cheese vs a single tank.

Hey, I was thinking about a upvote and downvote system in game. A faster way to collect feedback data.

This could work I suppose. What you guys think about it?

I wish this was permanent. A couple of heroes could do with some tweaks but other than that I’ve been really enjoying the experience I’ve had so far.


But you can ignore 3 of the 5 pillars, so it’s more like 800 tops. Often just taking out 1 pillar is enough.

I’m just hoping they start in client polling on topics they are split in the dev room with.

That would be a dream come true, community votes on 2-3 premade answers and they run that road based on the feedback.

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i hope a litlle longer, but i get that you guys want and need to teest other changes aswell. is there is change that this comes to the arcade orsomething?

on a side note is there a change that we can try out 1-2-2. sure it will not lessen the queue times as mutch as 1-3-2 (unless tanking get more fun). this way we have less dmg on our tank and could handle him self a bit beter. and the healers have one squisy to worry about. would love to see this.

as for my feedback i am in a mix i like it, but also dislike it. could be that we just have to adapt for it (thats why the 1 week is to less). i feel the dps has to carry even more now. if you make one mistake the teamfight is over. would love it to try iy out longer.

thank you guys for the good work lattley.

ps any change for a update on ow2 or the new hero. i know we are all waiting for that.

I think DPS and Supports that have poor positioning skills are not doing so well. They are not used to the extra support provided by another tank. Once the community learns about proper positioning and begins to recognize the importance of it I believe the community’s reaction to the gamemode will improve.

In this case the in game votes would be used just as part of the overall feedback, just extra info to help them.

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It’s Waveracer D.Va from summer games. It’s also a dolphin, not a whale.

If you want to get a tank back through, that’s 800 HP requiring focus fire, one is not enough to save that tank. There is a reason people just don’t break it at any rank, it’s already been 100% effective before it can be broken since they just used it to cut the tank off from their team leaving him at the mercy of Mei, it’s not like rein gets a bubble in 1/3/2 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The hp doesn’t need to be cut though it is an avenue they COULD go in future, but if they just made it so tanks can block the wall from going behind them, that would be everything she needs changed on her. It would be good for the main game, but if they’re serious about giving 1/3/2 a shot, then it’s NECESSARY.

Is it possible to have something akin to the competitive environment carry over to the experimental card? Its really difficult to gauge how the changes will effects competitive mode in a more quickplay like environment.