Experiment time?


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Uh oh, are you guys actually considering the tank route for Mei? I imagine collision means walking or shooting through it, probably latter

She’s a cool girl and kinda cute.


But do you think she is too Tank like?


Just make sure to make the diffrence between those who actually hate it and those who hate it because their Support/DPS is worse in 1-3-2. Ana obviously needs some buffs if this goes live and many Ana mains will probably be more open for 1-3-2 if she would not be so easy to kill. Same for Zenyatta, Junkrat, Symmetra, ectr.

And just if it matters: I love 1-3-2. Not only with my DPS mains (Sym and Torb, who are actually worse in this mode :smiley: ) but also with the tanky tanks and the more active supports.

Since Jeff is in a talkative mood.

Has there been any thought to backfilling a competitive game, if you get an AFKer in the first 40sec?

Since a big part of the problem with longer queue times, is getting kicked back to lobby, and having to do it all over again.

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Hey Myst, what do you think about Maining Bastion right now? Opinions on the mental state of Bastion mains?

I ask you because unlike Jeff, you reply.

Hey Jeff,
It’s kinda hard to gauge how good 321 is because it kinda feels like QPC atm without further balance changes. A slogfest. I have some concerns about some of the tanks.
I don’t feel like Roadhog is where he needs to be if he is to be a main tank; he dies too easily because without a DVa or shield, he can easily be naded and bursted down.
DVa is ok but she seems more of a fat DPS than a tank.
Zarya seems fine for the most part, but again- fat dps really.
Have not seen any Sigma.

I learned without tanks and shields though, the damage in this game is obscenely high- hitscan especially will be having a field day. (Looking at you, McCree/Widow/Hanzo); it feels stressful when playing supports.

For what it’s worth though, the queue times are indeed fast. If that was your goal, you’ve accomplished it without a doubt! The quality though, leaves a lot of questions that require more data. I would be interested in traveling further down the 321 hole, but probably not in its current balance stage.

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Yeah I don’t think being passive-aggressive is going to help your case much.


What part of me is passive.
I’d love to know.

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That’s not sarcasm. That’s literally what happened, lol. People liked matches they won, and disliked on matches they lost.


Any chance you can have a flex player on the team, one who can switch between tank and dps roles? Perhaps the dedicated tank player gets to choose who his flex buddy or use a reputation system to determine who is eligible to fill in that slot.

This way you can open up comps like Among’s Wrecking Ball comp in the OWL, and not have to give the tanks such radical changes, while at the same time having said flex player give the team more opportunity to play into a more traditional comp if that second tank can indeed come in handy.

Hahaha alright fair enough, you got me there.

Yes, but as a response from a dev, that’s horribly sarcastic and blunt.
Not saying i disliked it.

All I know is that I get away with too much murder as Bastion.


You won a single game in the last two years? I’m proud.
That is too much.

Ive actually noticed away around it if you go into a custom game and press the leave game option but not game and que and press the searching once you’re back on main menu while you wait will appear and have all the same features

Great stuff. Thank you. So Symmetra golden glove, Jeff. Can we talk about that, please? Or at least a victory pose with her gun.

Blunt yes, sarcastic, nah. Jeff just telling it like it is.