Experiment time?

I’m just hoping they start in client polling on topics they are split in the dev room with.

That would be a dream come true, community votes on 2-3 premade answers and they run that road based on the feedback.

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i hope a litlle longer, but i get that you guys want and need to teest other changes aswell. is there is change that this comes to the arcade orsomething?

on a side note is there a change that we can try out 1-2-2. sure it will not lessen the queue times as mutch as 1-3-2 (unless tanking get more fun). this way we have less dmg on our tank and could handle him self a bit beter. and the healers have one squisy to worry about. would love to see this.

as for my feedback i am in a mix i like it, but also dislike it. could be that we just have to adapt for it (thats why the 1 week is to less). i feel the dps has to carry even more now. if you make one mistake the teamfight is over. would love it to try iy out longer.

thank you guys for the good work lattley.

ps any change for a update on ow2 or the new hero. i know we are all waiting for that.

I think DPS and Supports that have poor positioning skills are not doing so well. They are not used to the extra support provided by another tank. Once the community learns about proper positioning and begins to recognize the importance of it I believe the community’s reaction to the gamemode will improve.

In this case the in game votes would be used just as part of the overall feedback, just extra info to help them.

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It’s Waveracer D.Va from summer games. It’s also a dolphin, not a whale.

If you want to get a tank back through, that’s 800 HP requiring focus fire, one is not enough to save that tank. There is a reason people just don’t break it at any rank, it’s already been 100% effective before it can be broken since they just used it to cut the tank off from their team leaving him at the mercy of Mei, it’s not like rein gets a bubble in 1/3/2 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The hp doesn’t need to be cut though it is an avenue they COULD go in future, but if they just made it so tanks can block the wall from going behind them, that would be everything she needs changed on her. It would be good for the main game, but if they’re serious about giving 1/3/2 a shot, then it’s NECESSARY.

Is it possible to have something akin to the competitive environment carry over to the experimental card? Its really difficult to gauge how the changes will effects competitive mode in a more quickplay like environment.

Please make some additional tweaks to 3-2-1. Or make it possible to activate it (or parts of it) in the workshop. The Zarya multi-bubble ability is awesome.

I personally wouldn’t mind tweaking 3-2-1 further and seeing if it is something viable. I think this would likely be a multi-week process.

I get that you have other things you want to experiment with, so it isn’t going to stay up forever. But it would be cool if the community could try some stuff on their own with it, even if it isn’t the current experimental card.

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That’s why I had an idea for 3 thicker pillars at 500 HP each rather than 5 with 400 each. If you break one, then any hero can walk through it, but they will know which one you’re walking through obviously. That and it has the effect of being easier to focus and call out specifically to damage it because it’s bigger, it’s a bigger target and you can say left, middle or right pillar easily. I think this is a good way to do it.


Would it be possible to test a rework for Bastion on the experiment mode?

If they were 3 thick pilliars then you wouldn’t wanna cut the HP off it I don’t think, it’s easy to coordinate focus fire if the spot you’re hitting is that obvious, I’m less about nerfing mei than I am about changing stupid interactions that tanks especially are completely at the mercy of with the ball being firmly in meis court to how our days going to go.

It would be MUCH better though, calling out a certain pilliar, the time it takes to call out the pilliar is about the time it takes for your tank to die since you are saying “Middle left!” Simply simplifying the callout for it is a good enough change to split the difference.

Hello Jeff and friends, thank you for allowing people who play console to be on be along for the ride. I went into this play test so pesimistic but after playing a lot of rounds I really don’t want it to end.
I have been a tank main for years, basically since the start and I am loving the new zarya, dva and hog. I’m surprised so many are negative to be honest, the game mode is super fun and after just trying out a 222 comp game…I am loving 132 (which I never thought I would say) with additional and constant tweaking, would love to see the experimental card with comp rules please. I think we should make season 21 a 132 trial and not hero pools. Thanks again, much love.


Dang, I was kind of hoping this would be the new norm, the changes to the tanks are amazingly fun so far.

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Yeah it could even be 600 each, but I think if they do it like this a bit of a number nerf is inevitable tbh. 500 just seemed like a good number to settle on, considering that Mei is probably gonna be nerfed a bit lol.

But Tank Queue time increased to like 7+ minutes from what I am seeing. I actually gave up on tank and couldn’t test it out for myself because I didn’t want to wait.

It’s only that way cause everyone is testing tank now

I think you know too well that the community is negative about everything :wink: . It will take time for people to adjust.

I think the reactions like “this is bad” without giving any details should be taken with a grain of salt. These are the same people who hate something immediately and then grow to like it over time.

IMO, I would focus on specific feedback regarding hero’s and roles, and if that seems plausible tweak the balance of the mode even further.

For example, I think D.va needs the 2 second CD on Matrix reduced or removed in this mode for her to compete with the others as “the only tank”. Hammond also got no changes, and he may need some.

I also think (and this may or may not be controversial) that Mei should be moved into the tank role. Actually, I think that in 2-2-2 as well (her damage just may need to be toned down).


Incoming 15 minute videos from OW youtuber news channels

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MMmmm - even as a tank main, she annoys me to death. But after her last changes I’m honestly on the board to say she is balanced with some half baked interactions being the reason she is too good too often - of which, wall going straight through all your defenses and being allowed to split you in two even when given no opening to do it caused by the enemy team is one of those half baked interactions that comes across as complete cheese rather than a fair fight - chipping away at those kinds of things is what mei needs rather than numbers nerfs.

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Ok I played dps, tank and heal. Tanking is frustrating. I was dead all the time. Couldn’t do anything. dps is fun. Now I can do more flaks and soloing. Healing isn’t fun on my main Moira any more because I can’t heal my team as this fast as they spam the ‘I need healing’ macro. On Brig, Lucio and Mercy it is fun.
But over all tanking isn’t fun for me in this 1-3-2.
And the game feels much too fast. It could be a little slower.