Exclusivity of Lucio Emote

I don’t know about any of you, but I purchased the All-Access-Pass for the main reason that the Lucio emote was going to be EXCLUSIVE TO PASS HOLDERS! The emote and skins were advertised as exclusive and it is wrong for Blizzard to make them available to purchase with OWL tokens after drawing people in with the “exclusivity.”


No they’re not. It was a bug and whoever purchased the emote with tokens will have them refunded. The emote is only for the All-Access Pass holders.

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I believe it was a bug.

Also, rip you for buying the pass for an emote.


They actually said that the emote will be purchasable with tokens at a later date.

I can 100% understand why all access pass holders that brought the pass just for the emote are upset, they said it was “exclusive to the access pass” but turns out that’s not the case and lied.
Plus, 300 tokens is cheaper than the pass.

I purchased the emote with tokens when the accident happened, I still have my emote and wasn’t refunded.

Feelsbad for anyone who bought tokens to buy the Lucio emote. What are they meant to use them for now? The hideous All Star skins? :joy:

NOW they’re telling it will be available at a later date? :thinking:

R.I.P. to the pass buyers.

Some of them might use them on the skins… seeing as not everyone thinks they are “hideous” like you do. lol :thinking:

It’s still tied to OWL, so it’s really not all that different. Had it been for normal coin purchase outside of OWL, then yeah, might be a bit weird.

Hey, don’t mock my spelling!
…I’m tired.

Who cares about exclusivity just make it available for everyone who enjoys the game. Make it exclusive for a year but after that make it available.

I have the emote and its nothing special lol. I don’t feel like I’m a God/Elitist like you.

I’m not mocking the spelling, honestly not even sure how it’s actually spelled myself… lol

I said it that way due to it being your personal word choice for it. :thinking:

Because exclusivity is nice to have. I’d be gosh darned if they suddenly made the origin skins purchasable, or those who got Noir Widow, Blizzcon Bastion etc etc,

You won’t be saying that if you missed one of the items.

I would. Because I’ve missed a lot. I still think those who got something exclusive, should be able to keep it exclusive.

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And that’s why you don’t care.

Blizz just loves making skins non-exclusive unless it has to do with money, and even then they’re 50/50
remember oni genji and officer d.va?
remember blizzcon skins and noire widow?
they hate their players really

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I care about those who spent money on something “unique”. It defeats the purpose if it’ll be available for normal purchase eventually.

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Apparently the Lucio emote was marketed as “limited time exclusive”, which apparently means it was meant to be exclusive for a limited time and after that not be exclusive anymore. A bit confusing if you ask me.

Anyway, I don’t care about exclusivity. You can have the noir skin if you’d like, I don’t mind. I grinded the hideous experience of HoTS for the D.Va and Genji skin, I don’t care that they made them widely available. People focus too much on stuff that makes them feel special and unique.

The same happened with Police D.Va and Oni Genji. I don’t play HotS but played a lot for the skins. And now everyone can buy them.

Then you must care that I really don’t care if it’s available for everyone and support it. Because I did spend money on it.