Exclusivity of Lucio Emote

I’ve bought it thinking it was exclusive, but now I feel so stupid. Throwing that much for an emote and I don’t even watch the League. Yeah real stupid. I will no longer purchase emote or skin with money. Maybe it’s my fault, but I still feel fooled.


A similar thing happened with some HOTS skins.

I’m guessing that they’ll do the same thing for other “All Access Exclusive” content.

People like me are not going to waste $30 for an emote or skin when we can use that same $30 and put it towards a brand new game. Blizzard probably released that and decided All Access Pass holders will get first dibs.

Or the people that bought the emote at the start of the Summer Games.

I’m fairly certain it’s because of that little bug that they are making the emote available for purchase with Tolens later on