Even the OWL announcers know how broken MH is (w/ no limits)

The last people I expected to bring it up…but the OWL announcers were just talking about how broken the hero stacking is in mystery heroes…talking about how double brig or 2x bastion orisa is usually just game over (because usually IT IS)

It’s time…please fix (or at the very least put up an alternate version without the hero stacking)

I’d make a long drawn out argument…but I already have before:

Don’t want to take my word for it…fine

It’s not about fun…it’s about what works…the stacking does NOT work


It’s almost as if an RNG-based game mode isn’t going to be balanced!


So why make it worse by adding in a mechanic that doesn’t even work in a game mode where you can counter it (removed from qp and Jeff himself has said he hates it)

RNG exists with or without the stacking

How is a mechanic that flatly decides objectives and matches (even worse) still in this game mode? That’s kinda the players job…

Crazy random hero stacks are what the mode is all about.

Yeah, you’re boned if they draw 2xOrisa, 2xBastion & 2xMercy, but you’re likely boned anyways if they just get one pairing.


No…Not selecting your hero is what the mode is about…that couldn’t be any different than what you just stated…

“Being boned”…ie knowing the round is over strictly because the game just decided it…is not a mechanic that should factor in any game mode


I think you’re missing my point. Certain heroes can absolutely run amuck in any mode if they aren’t countered.

The problem isn’t that there is 2 Bastions or 2 Pharahs, it’s that you can’t select a counter to check them. You’d still likely lose if it’s just 1 Bastion, but the problem is exacerbated so multiples is scapegoated.

I invite you to look at the first link I put up there…and check out the game logs…and tell me that’s normal and “fine”

ANY comp CAN be bad…hero stack is 99% of the time bad and usually enough to decide a match completely on its own

“I don’t like mystery heroes because it’s mystery heroes”


Honestly, the worst issue with mystery heroes is more how ults are reset after death. Many teams can overcome a situation when they get ults, but reseting ults while the other team starts to regroup after deaths can snowball and just alternate ultimates uncontested to keep your team dead. Depends upon the team, but that is what frequently happens.


We don`t like people suffering and certain countries make people suffer… I don’t know if you know what I mean…

No but if you want to explain it to a forum moderator, be my guest.

That’s almost necessary…imagine losing ult as widow and coming back as a genji with dragon blade…plus it makes staying alive that much more important because of how impactful it is to get your ult

But to tie what you’re saying into what I’m saying…guess what a nigh unkillable hero stack does for a teams ult charge? You guessed it…one team getting ult charge while the other struggles to find something to deal with said issue…

It’s actually a contributing factor to that as well

be my guest too, but I have to inform you that it won’t be painful to me… I am sorry

I don’t know why. You’ll have to ask Blizzard why they chose to include certain flags of some countries and exclude flags of others.

This game shouldn’t be “what Jeff likes” otherwise no one would play it.

Blizzard has been making this mistake for years with SC2, HotS and now OW. The developers get their ego so large and make the game “for them” while actively ignoring the community. SC2 - past its prime after a period of steep decline. HotS - dead. OW - on a path of unsustainability.

At some point, development has to be a collaborative process where community concerns are addressed in an active conversation between developers and the community to find a solution that works and makes the game enjoyable for as many players as possible. As it stands, the minorities: pros, whiners (sometimes both) are dictating balance and design decisions and the overall state of the game should be one of great concern to all.

Stacking was already removed from “serious” modes because it was deemed to be impossible to balance and went against the spirit of the game. Arcade modes are meant to be mess around, “whatever” modes where the rules don’t apply or you can get a different experience from normal gameplay. Taking stacking away from MH may as well make it randomized QP, which is the opposite of what we should be trying to achieve.

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If Hero stacking wasn’t a thing, it still removes the “Mystery” Of Mystery Heroes, however minute the loss maybe

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I would rather “give me a random character except one of these 5” (what you’re suggesting) over “you no longer have a say in who’s going to win” any day of the week

Random hero is one thing…random game over is a different thing…

Because MH isn’t what OW is about…

It’s an arcade mode within the game and we should definitely not build the game around it. That’s why.

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Huh? It’s a change that affects that mode and that mode alone? Literally no impact on the rest of the game

I was explaining why MH is not taken in to consideration when it comes to designing heroes and abilities, as you stated in the post I replied to.

Because the arcade is a part of Overwatch, it’s not what makes the game.

It might mean a lot to you and that’s cool, but tbh there’s other priorities…