Error starting match - March 13, 2020

Find a way to differentiate when the disconnection is on blizzards end. Loosing 100 sr and telling people it’s ok because it’s not that hard to just climb up again is absurd.

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Wow this has actually been going on for 6 hours yet blizzard just keeps letting people lose sr with no warning on the title screen

I was just kicked from the game in general. Lost connection to server. Found this thread on investigation to see if anyone else was having problems. Wow, Blizzard. It’s you guys who are messing up and you tell your players that it’s basically their fault for wanting to play your broken game? This is why I don’t play this stupid game seriously anymore… Y’all’s customer service is awful and you treat the players like crap. Don’t tell people that it’s easy to gain SR again. Fix the game. Give them back their SR and compensate them for their unjustified bans. This is how you lose players. This is poor business. It’s been hours since the first report. Good to know that you still can’t fix it. I’m going back to play Paladins. At least their servers are more stable than this crap…

Wait, let me get this straight. You plan to NOT compensate players for issues that are on YOUR end? Or, at bare minimum, NOT removing unjustified suspensions?

You realize this is how people end up uninstalling right? I don’t even play comp but you’re about to invoke a major PR sh*tstorm if you don’t change this.

Based on the data from what I have seen. This is not on Blizzard’s end, but most likely a network hub between certain end users and the game server.

There is a lot more to how online games work, that is why a starting Competitive Penalty is very small. See this topic for details:

Right now, the new current problem (after Drakuloth sign off) seems to be network hub related. So this not really on Blizzard, nor is it on the end users, but something between. Again this might be something Blizzard can work on but right now it is more important for players to avoid Competitive if they are disconnecting frequently.

The disconnect isn’t the player’s fault though, the very least they could do is lift the suspension penalty. Or even LET PLAYERS KNOW ON THE TITLE SCREEN that this is happening so people don’t risk this happening to them because they are unaware.

“sucks but oh well” isn’t exactly an appropriate response to this. Leaver penalties are still being accrued. What happens to the players trying multiple times and inadvertently end up with season bans?

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There is no practical way to sort through who is having a legitimate technical malfunction.

Right now, not everyone is disconnecting, and based on the number of reports throughout the night, I am more leaning toward its a hub that affects certain ISPs (right now I have reports from Comcast and Spectrum users and they seem to be players who typically connect U.S. Central datacenter, though I do not have enough results to be conclusive). I myself have been playing Competitive constantly tonight and I have yet to disconnect. (I use CenturyLink and connect to the U.S. Central datacenter)

Disconnections are frustrating I know, but really the best thing to do is simply avoid Competitive Play until whatever is out there fixes itself up. I have been paying attention all night though as a forum MVP there is little I can do from my end at this late hour. However I have every reason to believe this issue will resolve eventually.

I’m on Spectrum in the Southeast but haven’t had any issues reaching ORD (Central) at all this evening (since reports started coming in). But it’s possible another region with Spectrum is experiencing it due to a peering partner.

Its affecting all game modes, and most players have no idea this is happening. Multiple people confirming its happening on console, myself included, several hours on and still no notification in game to say “hey this might be a thing happening so careful queuing for comp as ‘xyz’ might happen”. Its just simple customer service.

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They don’t put notifications in the game client, they put them on their twitter account or on the news feed on the website/launcher. Plus, we’re way outside their office hours right now, so we likely won’t see alerts in those places for now either.

Also, regardless of the hour, MVPs don’t have any power to remedy things like this. In these cases, the support staff (employees) would be handling any communication or solutions.

The average player doesn’t check the OW twitter like that and reports started coming in at 830pm EST, 530pm for Blizzard. Yes, its a Friday but there was ample time to put up an alert. Now we potentially face a full weekend of unsuspecting players accidentally getting suspended and losing SR because they didn’t know what was going on.


I understand you’re concerned for fellow players, but the support staff is likely to be available in the morning. I say “likely” because I have no idea what Blizzard’s approach to the current health issues will be this weekend and next week, etc. Also, I don’t work there, so I’m just guessing based on their normal availability :slight_smile:

Spectrum user on xbox live, Texas. Started pretending it had logged into a game last night around 10pm, then penalizing for leaving without the player’s screen even moving off the searching screen. Then, if you re-queue, it tells you that you can’t enter a queue while your previous match is in progress. All across QP and arcade.

Xbox, East coast player. Dont have spectrum preference centurylink and I’ve gotten the error message several times. Last night was the first night that it disconnected, Banned my entire group for 10min, then took 50sr from each of us. How is that fair? Blizzard obviously knows about this stuff. It’s very easy to tell who‘a just leaving matches to throw and who is getting kicked. The issue is that blizzard could give two sh1t$ about their console players. If PC players were experiencing the same issues there’d be a warning message up and the issue would be resolved.

It’s bad customer service to be like ‘oh you’re experiencing an issue we can’t actually confirm is a blizzard server error but is at the same time? And you’re getting penalized for it? Oh well. Just make sure to que up for trash quick play before hand! :slightly_smiling_face::ok_hand:t3:

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Hey all,

The issues we were initially investigating for this thread were resolved last night. Since there are more reports right now, we’re compiling them and seeing if maybe something else is going on, but please keep in mind that it’s quite possible that whatever is going on with each of your connections is unrelated.

This makes for a very unpleasant gaming experience. I can win 6 games in a row but then lose the SR in one hit due to a technical error of the game - and then get suspended for my trouble.

When are we supposed to know the issue is fixed? Or do we just never que for a competitive game again?

I can’t start any type of match - keep getting “Error Applying Update” - went through the steps regarding cleaning up the battlenet agents and the playerdata and its still giving me this issue.

this, how will we want to play this kind of game?