Error starting match - March 13, 2020

I have just gotten error to start match 3 times in a row trying to do quick play. I did some with the “while you wait” and the last try without it at all but in every case it can never load the game. Is something up with the servers?


Can’t get in any game, not even arcade.

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Same. Erroring out before every match, and before this started everyone in my games were getting DC’d all over the place.

I am seeing multiple users report this. I am doing what I can to check with Blizzard at this time.


I finally got in a game and it was all east coast people but we were on an LAX server.

Hey all,

We’ve got a couple different threads talking about this suddenly. At this time, we recommend against queuing for any high stakes mode like competitive. Please keep in mind that we do not remove suspensions/SR loss for situations like this.

Our devs are aware of the issue and working on it at the moment - originally this post asked for tests here but it looks like we already know what’s up so there’s no need. If I hear anything else, I’ll let you know!


Same thing happen to me!! Glad I am not the only one. Got suspended for 10mins cause of constant fails to join game…ah well!!

Had to que for 3 games to even get into one but I’ve had the error to start message before and didn’t think that much of it. Welp I just qued again, had the error, got suspended 10 mins and lost sr. Wish I checked here earlier.

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Lost 50 SR and have to wait 10 minutes to play and instead of an apology you immediately tell people what they should do and say “we do not remove suspensions/SR loss”? Nice.


same thing happened and gave me a 10 min suspension… get your crap together blizzard!!!l


What happened to Forty happened to me to. WTF

yeah bro just lost 50 sr cause of it man fix this

exactly wth they need to fix this shid

Please put up a disclaimer notifying of server issues. I unknowingly queued for a competitive match which I lost SR and I was never placed in it.


So I create an alt and get placed in what I believe is my correct MMR. For so long I’ve thought the biggest problem with console OW is that the entire comp pool has been tainted by Blizzard allowing people to make as many accounts as they want to. No algorithm or system Bliz installs can account for the spoiling of the overall comp pool.

And then I get a “loss” tonight after a “Failed to connect to server” issue. And not just any loss, I get penalized — I lose 50 SR, drop an endorsement level and am granted a 10 minute suspension.

So this is how Blizzard sees us on consoles. They group the good guys with the bad guys. They group the people who’d never even imagine quitting a comp match early, no matter how badly we’re getting beat, with the people who play this game on alt accounts for the singular purpose of ruining everyone’s fun.

And what do we get in response? A hyperlink back to a post from 2018 that essentially says “Sorry but also not sorry.”


Blizzard does nothing about the tainted comp MMR on consoles. Blizzard takes maps away from us. Blizzard takes heroes away from us. Blizzard punishes us because of an error on their end.

Do people still think Blizzard gives a damn about those of us on console?

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I got suspended for 30 minutes for something wrong on your end. You have made it kore than hard enough to get my damn competitive level up without getting screwed like this.

We made some changes recently - just wanted to pulse check folks. Are things improved at all right now, or is everyone still having the exact same issue?

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Still cannot join archives or quickplay. Xbox east coast.

Error shows eventually as “Failed to connect to server.”

Competitive was OK for two games.

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I just hopped on about 5 minutes ago. I was able to get into one game (One of the archive challenges) and that worked okay. But after that, same thing as before. It keeps giving me that error message or the one where it says failed to connect to the server

I’m on Xbox, in NA.

Thanks for the updates, y’all. We re escalated this information so the engineers can take another look!