Endorsement Level went down


I also had the same problem as you, my level of indication always drops from 4 to 3 but that only stopped when I started to leave games in the 4 player cards and this made me go up to level 5 of indication. Always try to leave the games after POTG because this can affect your endorsements


So yeah, have been playing all day, been at rank 4 endorsement for 2 days now. But my lvl went down after a match where i got endorsed 3 times…and have been getting endorsed every match.

So I’m at a loss here for WHAT I’m supposed to do here to keep my damn rank if just getting endorsed doesn’t stop the decay at all. It’s infuriating to say the least that there is no hint as to what endorsement gives how much EXP (so to say) to your lvl and there really isn’t any reward for endorsing people. A whole 50 EXP amazing blizz.

If you want people to use this system or to like it, put some damn guidelines down on what does what. It’s getting nerve wracking to decipher what i need to do in order to go up in rank or to just stay where i am.

ALSO F.Y.I at endorsement lvl 4, if you miss a day of playing you lose a rank…so yeah


I just had this happened to me, i just got into a game that was already defeated, the game was concluding and when i got back to my menu, my endorsement went from 4 to 3. I worked hard on those, i tried to become a really good player, and i love the game but,

I should not be punished for something the game caused, a mistake.


According to rumor and hogwash, it seems that the endorsement level is affected by people just making an unfounded report as well… If someone gets toxic with you, and you defend yourself, thinking nothing of it, you leave. They then report you for your end of it, that can make your endorsement go down it seems. Once again, rumor.

Instead of policing the game as they should, banning ritual toxicity along with Ip bans and hardware bans, they just allow it to go on. The ability to get another game doesn’t phase blizzard, bc they get the money. And it doesn’t phase the toxic person because now their MMr/ssr is 0 with a new account and if they are good, can continue to cause a ruckus in the lower arena. Blizzard did NOT think the endorsement system through it seems.

Just play and ignore the endorsement system … You will feel a hell of alot better, and you will even meet people of like mind to play with… It doesn’t stop you from playing the game. The endorsement system? It is an EMPTY glass.


I find it funny, that the first place they point you to is here. And that dev’s read all the posts (404 of them) and yet in 8 months and the patches in that time, they have not been able to fix the issue, comment on it, or even acknowledge it’s existence.

This is what makes Blizzard, it’s dev’s and their support a laughable farce. It’s why I have never bought lock boxes, and won’t even consider it.

So like DarkSaint says, for get about it, it’s as useless as the dev’s and their ability to read and address user concerns. Play the game, enjoy the game, and rest confident knowing that your not the one overpaying employees who do not do their job adequetly.


I got to endorsement level 4 yesterday. I went to sleep and I just got on and now im endorsement level 3. Im a nice player who always gets endorsed.


I got to lvl 4 maybe 3rd or 4th time now, everytime it drops down back to 3 in an hour or so and takes days to get back up again. This is ridiculous -.-


I just received level 5 endorsement, played a couple more games, where I got around 4 endorsements per game and closed the game (blizzard launcher was still open). I did not leave a game mid way or anything, I was browsing the hero gallery. A few hours later, I decided to play a game of competitive. I loaded overwatch, clicked on competitive and as soon as it said it was looking for a match it told me I had gone from endorsement level 4 to 5! I was put in a match shortly after and received around 3-4 endorsements per match and haven’t levelled back up.

This absolutely cannot be decay from not playing since I had only closed the game a couple of hours beforehand (and no, this didn’t cross midnight or anything). I am not a good enough player to be falsely reported for aimbotting, and I am always polite and friendly in game so doubt I have ever been reported.

If blizzard values these endorsements to such a low extent that they will just remove levels from players for no reason, then no wonder these servers are so toxic!


Happened to me today. Went from 4 to 3 for no reason


I have a bug dat i cant reach lvl 3
I have a lot of “recomendations” from other players and i have lvl 2 endorsement and cant reach higher lvl but sometimes (2 or 3 times) it wrote to me dat my lvl is up and i had a lootbox like a prize but i still have lvl 2
What i have to do?


My case
total ridicolous!

you’re 100% right! the developers abandon us with no optimal means for the casual community in favor of the balances studied for the OWL. it’s incorrect! even the creation of groups needs adjustments, but this too has serious underlying defects.


Happened to me too. Overwatch please do something, this is really sad. This topic has been up for 6+ months.


I literally play this game all day everyday, and I cant keep lvl 4 endorsement for more than one game, even if I get multiple endorsments that game, and use all of my endorsments. Real annoying.


I just randomly lost endorsement. I get if I afk or whatever but I had a great game, did nothing wrong, and didn’t leave the match and it went from 4 to 3. that’s BS. however, the match WAS over but I clicked “Open Lootbox” which prompts you that you have to leave q… So that might be a small bug, leave the q then open your box? idk ill check it out again.


Was really excited that I got lvl 4 today! But after a couple of games (I’d say about 5) and getting 4 endorsements each it went down randomly… didn’t even notify me so I could at least know if I did something wrong. I just so happened to look at it again and saw that it went down. Hope this gets fixed soon <3


I’ve been going through levels 3 and 4 constantly since November. I’m at level 3 right now unless if that wants to change.
I’ve also noticed it goes down after ARCADE games which is utterly stupid as you can’t get endorsed for most of those


same thing happened to me. went from 4 to 3.


This just happened to me, too… I was endorsment level 4 and then it went down to 3 for no reason. I’ve never been banned or anything. And I play like every day so I don’t think because I don’t play can be an excuse…


Back at level 4 for now… can’t wait till it goes down after my first game today.


Just happend to me as well. Managed to have level 4 for like a couple of hours before getting the random message