Endorsement Level went down


i got back to 4 but today i got dropped down again…


Not only the level goes down, I was 4, then it says I just got promoted but when I saw I was still in 4, then two games later I went down to 3. Also I got back to 4 and got disconnected by the server (maintenance), came back and I was down to 3 again.


All this is from researching on this issue. No official information

All this is already known and obvious. Seriously, I’ve heard it at the beginning of endorsment system from OW newsmaker streamer that compiles official information about OW.

One note: I believe endorsment activity is counted in games, not hours/min/etc, so #3 is like #1. When I was on vacation I haven’t played in OW about 3 weeks and haven’t lost endorsment level.

I just can add that difference between levels is pretty big in numbers, so, it’s not straightforward to get why it’s moving up/down.


I just lost an endorsement level for going inactive while actively defending with rein.


I just had it happen to me. I was playing this morning, got a bunch of endorsements, even ended up grouping up with a couple of friendly people, still getting endorsements while grouped. Then I log on in the evening and get a message that I dropped from level 4 to 3, and I’ve played a few games and got about 12 endorsements, and still not got back to level 4, like it dropped me to the bottom of level 3 instead of decaying back to the top of it.


it dropped again from 4 to 3…


My endorsement level raised from 3 to 4 and declined from 4 to 3 many times during this month. For example, after 3 games the endorsement level dropped from 4 to 3. I don’t know what to do.


At level 4, I just had a good qp game. Literally 2 people endorsed me for “shot caller”. I didn’t type any chat at all the entire game. And then my level went from 4 to 3.

I hate that there’s no official information on why it went down.


I have a question, I am 3 months old at level 4 and my average indications per game are 5-6, sometimes I get 1 match without gaining indications, the problem I never get at level 5. Does anyone know the reason?


I don’t have any idea.

Probably doesn’t help when the server disconnects or closes unexpectedly causing endorsement to also drop. My most recent was just a message that server closed unexpectedly. Followed by the 4 to 3 change message.

Best to ignore it and stop endorsing players.


glad to see it’s a widespread bug on all servers, i keep getting knocked down too, last time it didnt even notify me my endorsement lvl went down…again, even though i never leave matches. This all started for me with the new x-mas event. The server would kick us out of the matches and it would count as a leave, but even without those it still goes down.


Let’s just stop caring, like blizzard does. :wink:

The endoresment system was a great idea, but failed…


It was a good thought but poorly conceived idea. I think they might be getting out of touch with what the game actually needs.


I got to level 5
6 days ago



At this point, I’ve actually stopped even tracking it and play the game like it’s not even there. Silly concept, but perhaps Blizz has something worthwhile in store for the system in 2019 (and if not, we can just go on ignoring it).


That’s pretty impressive to hit 5. I just dropped 4 to 3 while getting 2-4 endorsements per match.

Same. I only look when I see this thread updated or if it does the big promotion ding.


I had the same problem as you, this problem only stopped when I started to leave the game when the 4 player cards appear.


That’s interesting. I guess I consider matches done at the victory/defeat message. The end match stuff got old a long time ago so I do leave before it often, unless the match was particularly intense. I’ll test that out because I’m curious.


From my perspective, it seems like the decay slowed down a bit. I’ve been able to float at 4 for weeks on end with an occasional drop to 3… (usually when I stop playing support players for a while… hrmmmm). :slight_smile:

Anyway… I don’t care much. It’s easy enough to stay minimum 3, and that’s around where you want to be to get on better comp teams and such.

It’s worth noting that in all my game time… I have seen ONE 5.


I had a game I went to level three, played one more game, didn’t get a endorsement, and went back down to 2…