Endorsement Level went down


Okay so I didn’t play yesterday. I had my first game today and you’ll never guess what happened :joy:


I drop from 3 to 4 frequently, even when receiving about one endorsement per match.


same happend to me like 10 min ago. im having a great time playing some QP with the rat i get endorsment for good teammate and then when i get out of the game i lost my lvl 4 to lvl 3, then im at live support with a ow gm about it and he just thing that is strange so he said i should report it to bug report wtf i dident to anything wrong… just having a good time


I’ve just got one too. 4 down to 3, right after the game was accidentally disconnected due to connection problem.

Personally I think the endorsement level shouldn’t go down, it was given by someone. I don’t know… Beside if it is the result from quiting game on losing match, why would I get reduction when I’m disconnected from the winning match ?? Blizzard can just listen to the WM_QUIT Windows message (or equivalent event on the different operating system) and the network losses event I guess then act accordingly. If they don’t know how to track for those rage quit event then they shouldn’t reduct the level, IMHO.

Oh and, btw, I’ve just go to Level 4 at the begining of the session. Right after disconnection, then I went down to 3. There should be some kind of delay I guess so the level wouldn’t go up and down to easily…


Same for me. Had 3 nice games after a long break of Overwatch.
Got like 7 to 10 endorsements.
4 --> 3.

Blizzard I don’t like you anymore.


I’ve gone from 3 to 4, and 4 to 3, about 20 times so far it seems. /shrug


Yeah, I think there’s a secret of staying at level 4 or above…

Right now it happens to me everyday, play some games and it goes up, after some another games and it goes down. I don’t even has force quit, crashes, disconnected, etc. for quite a while now and it still goes up and down consistently.


Same !
I just get 5 times endorsement level 4 but after a game, I’m endorsement level 3 again !
I don’t know why, but it’s really annoying.
If you know how to correct this, please tell me.


For a long time I was stuck at 3 no matter how many endorsements I got, it seemed. If I ever got to 4, it would only last a game or two and drop back to 3 despite still getting endorsements during that time. i mostly QP.

Strange thing happened recently. I had gotten to 4 shortly after the Paris map patch, and I stayed there. I thought, great, maybe they fixed the weird dropping bug. But then during a QP I had to bail (I have small kids, sorry). A few games later, right in the middle of playing, it dropped from 4 to 3, which I expected because of the game drop. No biggie.

Then, some time later, I played a game, and as soon as the game ended, before I got any endorsements, it jumped back up from 3 to 4. I had gotten endorsements from games since the 4->3 drop but none in the game where it jumped back to 4 (until after the jump, so maybe there’s a delay?). Anyway, i kept playing games, getting endorsements for the most part – one game I got five of them – and then out of nowhere my level drops back from 4 to 3 again.

How is this system supposed to work?


the endorsements system is terrible, every sunday around noon for 6 straight weeks my lvl drops even after dozens of games sitting at 4 getting stuff. they might as well get rid of it


I can never keep level 4. Today, it went back down to 3 after 4 games in quick play even though I was getting endorsements at the end of the game.


Bump, I’ve been working my butt off to get endorsement level 4. Not even 2 hours later I take a break and hop on. I was demoted to lvl 3


the amount of times that I have gotten loot boxes for getting to endorsement level 3 when I log back in after not playing for a while is insane. Now mid match it said that I was demoted even though all night I have been getting endorsements. Whatever this system is it is seriously messed up.


Same has been happening to me recently get Rank 4 after a few games down to Rank 3 even while been endorsed the endorsement is stupid it punishes you if your team is bad or someone leaves it seems even when you lose it seems to go down. After so many replies and no Blizzard reply kinda get the idea they don’t care about these stupid bugs.

Oh and to add I never leave games even if I’m losing I’ve only ever left via a DC so clearly I am not leaving matches.


Looks like Blizzard doesn’t want to clarify how this ‘Endorsment Level’ work. They talk big on how this system prevents those bad players, but looks like they don’t want to admit how it affect those good players as well.


Gotta say, kinda stupid that there’s 400 comments and not one staff post saying what the heck is up.

I know yesterday, I hit endorsement level 4 after playing healer on 4/5 DPS teams, and I thought “oh hey cool some extra lootboxes”. Two games. Two games, receiving endorsements in both games, and I dropped back to three. The systems a bit broken and it’s just better if you use it for XP at this point.


I just hit Endorsement 4 today… and immediately went back down a couple of games later after a “Not enough players” sent me back to the main screen.


3 Days ago i had Endorsement 3, got 6 endorse in a game, after some day i was playing another stuffs, i saw my new endorsement, 0.

Blizzard, wtf?


I think this forum is totally useless, no one answering us .-.


This thread is totally useless, just stop posting your experience. I’ll leave you a link to a thread with an actual response so you can stop clogging this one: