Endorsement Level went down


The patch notes indicated you would lose endorsements for poor behavior or suspensions. I just played a game where I received endorsements and also received the message “Your endorsement level has gone from 2 to 1” after the match.

I have never received a suspension or ban for any type of bad behavior before, and I’ve been playing since day 1. I doubt I’ve ever even been reported. What gives?

If your endorsements decay after less than 24 hours just for simply not playing that would be some ol’ bull. Our endorsement level should NOT be a reflection of often we are able to play.


it decays but I don’t think it’s that rapid?


Yup same thing happened to me, got level 2. Had great games and started getting into my groove and started endorsements even faster then before but 4 hours latter I look and I am back to level 1.


Just happened to me. Got level 3 endorsements, and after a few good matches it went back to level 2 (even tho I was getting more endorsements every match).

E: I was actually playing for the whole night w/ friends and it went down between one match and the other so I don’t think “not playing” is the problem here.

2nd edit: 6 days later, happened again. Got to level 4, played 2 matches and got endorsements (2 on the first, 3 on the second), yet the level went back to 3. Can we please get an actual explanation of how this works???


Just happened to me also just finished a few games and I even got a few endorsements each game and it dropped after like the 5th game from 3 to 2


Yup to me too. I was level 3 and dropped to 2 for no reason.


From what i remember you need to receive an amount of endorsements in order to stay at level 2. If you get less than what you’re supposed to get then you’ll go down a level.


I just had a demotion whilst receiving endorsements too…unless the decay is extremely harsh, I assume its a bug.


Maybe a Dev needs to answer this, seems to be going on a lot.
Happened to me yesterday, after not playing for about 10 hours.
Got back to level 2 yesterday and still level 2 (so lost a level then gained a level, so am down a level, great system) this morning about 14 hours of not being online.
WTF, Blizz needs to answer how it really works.


Just happened to me tonight i got teir 2 then watched a film logged on for comp and its back at 1 again hope this gets fixed quickly


Same thing happened to me, OP. Since the new patch, I’ve played for a few days. It took two days to go up to level 2, then 1 day to drop it to 1. That’s way too fast for it to mean anything other than “this person plays a lot”.

There was no warning: It just suddenly happened (after a turd of a match, no less). I’d been getting an average of 1-2 endorsements per game beforehand.

Oh well. The system is meaningless, anyway:

  • It gives free xp. You’re encouraged to use all 3, every game.
  • I get a lot more in QP vs. competitive.
  • It’s even rarer for a competitive loss, however close (taste the salt).
  • Can’t endorse in arcade modes.
  • Groups suck each other off.
  • Solo Q’s get bent over, as usual.

Here’s the skinny on commendation levels, as implemented:

  1. Infrequent solo Q (point and laugh!)
  2. Frequent solo Q / Infrequent LFG
  3. Frequent LFG / Infrequent group
  4. Frequent group
  5. Streamers / Redditors / Popularity suckoffs

That’s all it means, unfortunately… Groups get matched with other groups of similar sizes. When you run out of people to endorse in your own group (1 or 2 games), the only thing you can do is throw green xp at the opposing groups for the rest of the day. That’s another way you can view the system: Mostly green = groups, mostly purple = solo Q.

Treat it as a +150xp bonus per game for no good reason.


Just had this happen twice. Got lvl 3 yesterday and lost it randomly during a game a few hours later. Got it back about an hour ago and already lost it again after a game.


There was a small window yesterday where people were allowed to endorse themselves. I know I took advantage of said window…because why not? But I guess that was unintentional so maybe you all were endorsing yourselves?


As usual, no answers from the DEV’s, why doesn’t this surprise me.
One would think if this is a constant thing, something would be done about it(typical blizz games).
I haven’t lost any levels since the last loss.


I have gone from level 2 to 1 twice now. No bad play or language. Not leaving a game, great reports from other players, both teammates and the other team and when I played other games besides quick play or comp I lost my level.


Just a reminder that there’s decay above level 1.


I’d loved a comment from Blizzard on how exactly it works.


went from 4 to 3 after a quick play game got cancelled when 3 enemies left the game. I got the “reinstancing…” popup on the screen and when the game got cancelled (this was right before we would have won btw. payload was near end) I got the message your endorsement has gone to level 3. Losing levels because other players leave the game is about the most discouraging thing I experienced in overwatch yet


pretty much had this when going to 3 from 4 except that the game before I got punished the quick play game got cancelled due to reinstancing


Same thing here. Hit level 3, one hour later – got demoted. Despite continuing getting multiple endorses per game. If that’s decay, it’s very aggressive, but I highly doubt it’s regular decay because at that speed a lot more people would be affected and there would be a lot more backlash.

If I were to venture a guess, it has to do with leaving QP games. I only leave QP games during the “Assembly stage” (first 30 seconds) but this shouldn’t affect my endorsement level. Most of the time I do it to re-roll the server since it sometimes assigns me to East Coast which adds +60-70 ms to my latency and that’s hell to play with. I’ve never left a game after the game officially started, be it in the middle or closer to the end.