Endorsement Level went down


just happened to me after doing like 15+ games got lvl 3 i come back im lvl 2 terrible system.


It might be bugged, I’ve checked reddit too and a lot of people have had the same problem recently. It’s happened to me 5 times today as a level 4 endorsement.


Huh, and my endorsement level goes back down to a 3 while getting endorsed. I’ve been on this roller coaster more times than Blizzard can actually come out and agree the endorsement system is trash. Toxicity in games continue to increase now, so there’s that…


Sorry but there needs to be an explanation by a Dev for this because endorsements did NOT behave this way when they were first released.


They (the Dev’s) don’t seem to be interested in giving us an explanation in this or other things for that matter. I think specifically they must know the endorsement system is trash and haven’t had the time to develop some canned video about how cute and adorable the system is and needs tweaking or whatever. Many of us have asked for an explanation, etc for over a month now, and the Dev’s apparently don’t read a bug report forum. We just waste our time posting issues here.


Same as others 4-3 for no reason. Left WoW due to just extreme silliness and lack of response. If you have a bug just say it. If you have overly harsh decay rules just say it. If you think we are all whiners just say it.

The silence is the problem!


Just wanna confirm that endorsements do constantly decay (even when you’re not playing). I’ve also been getting at least 1 endorsement every game and normally 3+.
Yet I logged in just now and have demoted from 4 to 3 (for probably 10th time).


At first, I thought this would be a nice way to incentivize positive play, but after what I’ve seen I wouldn’t judge anyone by it.

Blizzard, first you should not be reducing players endorsement levels for not playing one day. That’s a perverse incentive.

Second, you need to fix this broken system where people are playing hard and contributing good, positive play, and getting endorsed but then for some reason losing endorsement levels. I’ve been playing a ton lately and still I’ve gone from 2 to 3 to 2 in the course of a night. I don’t leave matches, and I’m getting endorsements. This is trash.


Kinda sick and tired of bouncing between 4 and 3 over and over again every couple of days.


Allegedly from what CS has told me your level does not decay for not playing. But again, they get limited canned answers to give us and must lose track of what the canned answer of the day is. I seriously believe level 5 does not exist. I say that due to the number of level 3-4 and back again complaints. 12:30 am I log off as level 4, sign in at 9 and I am a level 3. So basically I decay for sleeping? lol
It has been well over a month on these complaints, Blizzard needs to smarten up and admit this system is broken and fix it. I don’t see much endorsing as I used to when this first come out. Toxicity in my opinion has increased again.


Same thing just happened to me. Went from 4 to 3 after being endorsed often in ranked play. Still no blue post addressing this issue.


Same thing just happened to both me and a friend after a game we got out of he was 4 to 3 and me 3 to 2 no warning or messages we both went down a rank at the exact same moment. Both of us go out of our way to be nice in our matches to give us a better shot at winning and it seems odd that both of us would get demoted at the exact same moment without warning.


I just got dropped from 4 to 3 because other people dropped out of my game. Best part? We went all the way to the lose screen and I STILL got penalized.

Guess who will NOT being joining the competitive season ever again.

Way to go, Blizzard.


Allegedly from what CS has told me your level does not decay for not playing.

That’s false. I’ve logged in to a demote in the chat box before, so it is most definitely a bug.


Same thing here, received endorsements after QP match and went down from 3 to 2 without any warning/indication. I am curious when Blizzard will address this as it seems to be a very common issue.


That’s why I said allegedly. We all know it is false.


Look like i’m joining the list.
Finish comp, vote for a card and saw the level drop in chat.
I have at least one endorsement on every match (ok maybe few without).
Play regulary every day.

Weird feature to encourage players to get friendly if you punish them without reason


I got to level to like a month ago, and then when I got on one day I was at 1 again. Wtf


If decay is counted by games played. Then the game itself keeps giving me the big FU every time it puts me in a match for less than 30 seconds.

It’s quite ridiculous how often I’m loading into QP just to see the word “Defeat”.


Same here… all are claiming that there is an issue…should we get some info back from devs? And people earned right to know the reason behind drop… decay ok lets message say you werent playing for x days so you lost 1 level… you were reported and we have found it right, you have lost one level. Rather annoying whats happening now. Awaiting fast and reliable response.