Endorsement Level went down


Has there been any kind of answer yet? I drop from 4 to 3 and back again sometimes more than once a day and it’s getting really frustrating. I have never been in trouble, I always get a variety of endorsements and give them out as well, and I play daily. It’s driving me bananas not knowing what I am doing wrong.


Going bananas I don’t think it is worth it. Seriously. Blizzard is caring less about the issue that has been brought up numerous times for a long enough period of time that they should have provided an answer, but they are too busy pissing off some Mercy mains.


you will lose endorsement for several reasons.

  1. you fail to maintain the endorsement through regular up votes
  2. you are PUNISHED, not even just reported successfully and given a warning. You have to actually be punished

some fun facts about endorsement

  1. you need about 2 per game as an average to maintain level 4
  2. if you are in arcade (not comp arcade), custom game, or in a 6 stack that has already up voted you. Then you will maintain your status and avoid decay.

this is how the system works. you reported this as a bug. it is functioning as designed. you should post this in the feedback section of the forums instead.



I regret to inform this has not been the case for myself and many others.
Consistent endorsements
Even at that if you find a good group you can’t endorse again and therefore should not decay. Because if that is the case it does not decay, many of us should not be.

This may be how the system allegedly works, but it is not working this way, therefore it is not functioning as designed and is a bug, especially with more than a couple hundred people (and I am probably way short on that number) addressing this in multiple threads


I think it also has something to do with leaving the game. Server constantly crashed yesterday so I kept on leaving the game as soon as I see the “Error has occured” message so that I can queue up faster and I went down from 3 to 1 whilst still getting 2-5 endorsements per game.


I dropped from 4 to 3 today after getting probably near to level 5. I’ve never been warned/suspended/banned/etc. I had one disconnect the other day when there was a power outage, and I managed to come back just before the match ended. I play around 5 hours a day, and I am constantly getting endorsements in almost every game. I think this is kind of wrong to be honest.


Same here - yesterday did level 4. Just logged into game & see that I’m 1 lvl down, back to 3.


if you leave before the game start, does it count? when you assemble


I was again at 4 for a day or so but just dropped back to 3 after backfilling into a QP game that ended before I saw the hero selection screen. Great job Blizzard!


On the comment about posting in the wrong place.

According to what I read in your post this is a bug. It might also fall into feedback but it’s still bugged for many.

First justification to this is I don’t drop out until the match says defeat/victory.

Second is that to my knowledge I’m not being reported. I’m at least not doing anything that should lead to actions against me. I’m not toxic. I try my best but I still have off days or QP with characters I’m learning.

Lastly I typically get more than 2 endorsements a match. So my average should be above the 2 that was noted to maintain a 4.

Edit: Does the forum have a feedback? I only see PTR. I’d like to voice feedback on why I don’t think this has any Impact on fixing player toxicity.


I’ve been at endorsement level 5 for over a month now, I play daily, and since I am a helpful, non-toxic, support-flex player I tend to get at least a couple endorsements each game.
Today, after playing quickplay for several hours and receiving endorsements throughout that time I suddenly saw that my endorsement level had dropped to 4. As I said before, I don’t engage in any sort of activity to warrant people reporting me for something, and as I’ve been playing everyday, for many hours, continuing to receive endorsements–I have no idea how my level just suddenly dropped, and without any sort of in-game notification whatsoever.
What exactly is happening here? Can your endorsement level just drop from aggressive trolls filing false reports against you without any sort of verification? This is very upsetting and disheartening to suddenly have something I earned after dozens of hours of supportive play just seemingly randomly taken away from me without any sort of explanation or notification.


Just want to share this, because it came directly from a reply I received from Blizzard.

Looking at your ticket I see that you had some concerns about your Endorsement level decaying. I understand how this can be pretty disheartening when you work so hard for those levels, so Im sorry you’re experiencing this:(

After doing some digging on the matter, I was able to get you some answers that should hopefully clear up any confusion. Your endorsement level can decrease if you do not continue to receive endorsements or leave games before they’re finished. Your level does not necessarily decay with time, but games played without getting any endorsements. So for example, if you have level 4 and go five games without getting any endorsements, your level will decrease. Punishments within the reporting system may also place your level at 0.


I got this same canned answer a month ago, they can’t even tell you how many games specifically can cause this so called decay. But at best it seems to be random especially when you have people including myself who have reported signing off at a level 4, sign back in as a level 3 The big common factor seems to be anyone who was a level 4…I don’t see much of level 2-1 and 3-2 complaints.
Blizzard can’t grasp this problem and CS is trained to give us canned replies and not seeing it change since I spoke with them last month, proves this.


I’m really wanting this thing to be fixed.

Twice already I’ve gotten a deranking from 3 to 2 despite getting steady endorsements throughout my games and even having some fun conversations with our team and the enemy team.

I’m the only one of my friends who keeps getting this problem, too, which makes it even stranger.

Just before the last time I got deranked, I actually got both a “sportsmanship” and a “shot caller” endorsement and then, during the middle of the game I got deranked?

I don’t get what keeps causing this, but it’s getting really frustrating and demoralizing to see it keep happening and not know why! If I’m doing something bad, I wanna fix it, but I can’t fix it if I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.


Adding to this topic I hope they add something so the game actually looks at a disconnect because someone hit the exit button in game.

Everyone experiences loss of network from time to time and to get nicked because of reasons out of your control is frustrating enough on the technical side. Then to have your favorite game say FU and hit your account with penalties is breeding grounds for toxicity.

I didn’t loose endorsement yet but I just had my PS4 say my LAN was disconnected as I got dropped from a QP. Now because I don’t know if it’s me or the ISP I’m quitting early for the night just so I don’t suffer multiple drops from hardware issues.

I was also reading the other day Blizzard caused a lot of people penalties (SR drops, endorsements, comp bans…) when they pushed a patch for the Nano Cola and kicked players from all matches. This is all just frustrating.


What a load, sorry but this is BS.

I was at the end of a game, got one endorsement and lvl went down to 3 while I got another endorsement.

I don’t think blizz have any idea themselves of what is going on.


This happened to me too. I (believe) was on my way to level 3 on endorsement, but I abandoned a match and went down to level 1 (that one I understand), later on I went back to level 2. Two days later suddenly out of the blue back to 1 (didn’t quit a match or anything, I played one QP, and then went to play vs AI). It feels kinda bad.


was level 3 and dropped to 2 for no reason.


Dropped to level 3 lastnight, no explanation on it. Same routine as I have mentioned, no early leaves, penalties to account, etc.
Today moved to level 4 with endorsements 2-3 each game and I was playing most of the day. Just as I end my day and still got a lot of endorsements through the day and night, I got back to a 3 and this is nearly 20 minutes after moving back to a 4.
Blizzard needs to address this age old POS system. People are right back to being salty in QP and comp from what I have been teamed up with anyways. It seems the toxic level has gone back up because, people know the endorsement system don’t mean anything and is broken.


Played today at lvl 4, finished the game got an endorsement, left when it said end game for lunch, came back and was lvl 3 and had a waiting endorsement.

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