Endorsement Level went down


To put it to the test, I went back up to level 4, for three days got endorsements nearly every game, so for the second time I left a game early (it sucked trust me and found this to be a good shot) and immediately I am down to a level 3. So essentially after 32 endorsements over 3 days (don’t judge my time I got a broken foot and out of work) leaving one game essentially erased all of 32 endorsements…


Just happened to me. Never quit matches. Been level 4 for a while. Get endorsed 95% of the time. Got 5 endorsements last match and it went down to 3. I quit until it is fixed or get clarification like all of you are asking for. Goodbye Blizzard.


To be honest the endorsement system is still in not in its final form. So its still in a trail/testing phase to see if people even like it. All we know is you need a holy crap ton of endorsements to keep your level up and such.


Same situation for me.

If they justify the rank down in chat maybe i would accept it but for now we only are ranked down without justification


I have leveled to endorsement 4 probably 7 times now, at the moment I am back to 3 to level it yet again. I assume that if you do not get endorsed you get penalized. THAT means if you are playing with 6 friends, you’re hurting yourself. Seeing that the endorsements give free loot boxes, it helps Blizzard to take away your endorsements for less boxes by reward time. An ability to disable it out of annoyance should be a thing.

Also, the queue system is lame. If you are always logging into game in play and nearly over you don’t have the time to truly impress your team. Also, if you endorse somebody wouldn’t it be nice if they saw your name? That way they know you noticed something solid they did for you.


This is a blue post by Ulvareth from the German Overwatch Forum:

It basically says that the decay in the endorsement level is intended. Otherwise every player would reach level 5 eventually. Players will lose endorsement level even if they did not do anything wrong. Blizzard will also not reveal how the endorsement level and the decay are calculated to prevent any manipulation by the players.


My endorsement level also went down from 4 to 3 when I didn’t abandon any match and also the message I got was that the endorsement level went up from 4 to 3. Ya me ha pasado varias veces, en cuanto subo a nivel 4, al poco tiempo baja a nivel 3


Most of us are not saying decay is a bad thing. We are just saying it is broken. If I do not get endorsed 10 matches in a row, sure penalize me because I’m probably doing something wrong. We are getting punished for no reason is what we want fixed. For example, I did not quit a match, played 3 games with endorsements, played 2 games in a row with no endorsements, played 8 games with endorsements, then my level went down. I had no reports to my knowledge for I was being respectful. So how can they justify this level drop based on the information they given us? They can not. So it needs to be fixed before I play again.


Same thing happened to me today.Just played a game after like 2 days of not playing overwatch,my endorsement level downgraded from 4 to 3.Shouldn’t be this fast.


The system rewards good behavior over punishing bad behavior…

That’s part of the translation I had when copied into google translate.

Are they referring to random extra loot boxes or the max 150xp from voting good behavior as the reward?

If that’s what they call a reward I see two flaws. First is that people can just vote to get xp and not care if the player was toxic. Second flaw is that loot boxes don’t motivate many. I mean I’m not even silver and 98% of them are all duplicate.

How does this translate to less toxicity?

I’ve also noticed that every time I drop back to 3 my wait times on getting into matches gets shorter. So unless it’s a hell of a weird timing I’m possibly being hurt by being level 4. Is anyone else experiencing this?


I had went down from 4 to 3 right after I reported a toxic teammate on arcade. I shouldn’t get punished for bringing the toxicity down in Overwatch, right???


It’s already established that endorsements are a meme system until they’ve fixed it or at least give an explanation to why this is happening. Don’t worry about it anymore because that number doesn’t mean anything.


Tonight I experienced a new one… I ranked up after a game. Rank 4 again.

I never got an endorsement. It had been at least 20 minutes since I got the last one. I haven’t a fricken clue what is going on now.


Honestly I’ve been dropping from 4 to 3 every time I play. I’ll play for 5 days straight and when I get a certain amount of endorsements into level 4 towards level 5 I just drop. I would rather an option to just opt out at this point. It’s meaningless spam and defeats the whole purpose of endorsements (not that I really need the reward).

I can think of one instance ever where I’ve been told I was getting reported in arcade because I was defending the flag in CTF as Junkrat and filed a false report report against the person, but my endorsement level never reset and I even got rewards the next login. I’ve consistently just dropped from 4 to 3 twelve times and I’ve started taking photos of the dialogue on my phone at this point.

I don’t care so much for the rewards or the levels. I care about that system (aside from other problems with it) being super buggy and inconsistent even with login streaks with 3 endorsements minimum per game.


This happened to me. I got into a game as it ended, even received endorsements (no idea why), but afterwards I went down from 3 to 2


My endorsement level fluctuates between 4 and 3 unable to reach Level 5. Once at Level 4 it just goes back down due an extremely high decay rate or literally no reason. Loot boxes thanks

Encouraging people to use this system, good idea a way to give credit to those players who are genuinely doing well. Problem with this is not designed around non competitive gamemodes.


Mine went to 4 today, then went down to 3 and now 2 in the same day.


Because there isn’t a better place to put this I’ll add it here.

I’ve been seeing toxicity come out of this system. I think it’s in joint with the LFG. Over the weekend 3-5 players will be matched and they are just using the solo que to fill a full party. Then in match they completely ignore anyone not grouped. Needless to say I’m not endorsing them because that’s not desirable team play but I also got nothing for every match I was teamed with them.

I also dropped 4 to 3. It came with two loot boxes for some reason. All duplicates, yay rewards… wait :frowning:

Though on the plus side since I dropped from 4 to 3 QP wasn’t trying for 2 min to get me a match. I don’t think it’s been longer than 30 seconds since dropping.


Same thing happened to me. I was at level 2 of endorsements and I’m back to 1 even though I am still receiving them. Please fix. I play almost every day so it isn’t lack of activity.


I was playing a game and my game crashed and it dropped me from 4 to 3 I don’t know if that’s because of the “decay” Even though i’ve recieved them or it was because of the crash and it “noticing” I left a game in progress. Kind of stupid for it to drop me because the game crashed… I was so excited to hit rank 4.