Endorsement Level went down


The same thing happened to me 15-20 minutes ago. I have reached level 4 last week, or the week before that. I was playing games and i was getting endorsements in almost every game. Today i logged in, played a quick game (was connected to a game that has already started), won it, got some endorsements too and logged out. Then when i started the game i received a yellow message in the chat window, informing me that my level went down from 4 to 3. Is this a bug and why i lost a level? I haven’t left a game recently and I wasn’t reported or anything like that? can someone pls explain why are we losing levels and should we contact Blizzard in another way?


Blizz are silent about everything, because they know the game is broken beyond repair.

I don’t even endorse as much as I used to, there is no point anymore.

Its a rollercoaster to toxicity.


I went from a 5 to a 4 for no reason. I never leave matches, Im crazy polite and heal my bitt off every match. I havent been reported, I think.
Wtf I worked hard for that level . Over a thousand medals…
How many do I jave to get to get back to level 5, bc today Ive gotten almost 100 and nothing has changed.


Dropped from 4 to 3 today too for:

Wait for it:

Spectating my friend in another match.


It happened to me before as well. I wasn’t being toxic or salty (or at least I didn’t put it out on the other players), I didn’t get suspended at all, and I’ve recieved quite a lot of endorsements. But after a game ends I just see “You endorsement level has gone from 2 to 1” for seemingly no reason.


Same here. Received endorsement, went down. Next 3 games - 8 endorsements no change. Playing gold heals all the way through, only speaking to call out ult (not on voice with a screechy cat voice or anything) and generally being a good ol’ positive team mate


I just dropped 4-3 again. Only playing my best. Still getting medals in matches. Not dropping out of any matches. I’ve never been toxic.

I guess this really is just a number to make people feel special.

Since I dropped back to 3 my match waits have shortened but I also see lots of thrower behavior. Or maybe they are just in the wrong SR/MMR.

Anyhow I’m done with this broken system. 150 xp per match isn’t even going to get me to rate people who are doing good. I’ll just play like I always do, try hard and hope my team does so as well.


Honestly I’m really disappointed. I made it up to 4, I always try to encourage my team (even before this system) and I literally had just gained a ton of endorsements right before it demoted me back down to 3. I play every day so it’s not a matter of absence, I never quit games early (I’ve only done it once due to personal personal problems) and I always try to be positive. =n= -Head desk.- I’m just really bummed.


Yeah for the past couple of days mine has been jumping back and forth from 4 to 3 .___.


For the past 2 weeks I drop from 4 to 3 then 3 back to 4 for no reason. I give and receive endorsements and I play everyday.

I’ve never been reported to me knowledge and I’ve never been banned.

It’s very annoying when you get a new level, you go to sleep and wake up to the previous level.

I actually was level 4 earlier today, I played one match, gave and received endorsement then after the match I was moved down to 3.

Please fix


Same problem here. I dropped from 4 to 3 after a match after receiving endorsements. No notification, nothing. Just fell.


Same here. I’ve been level 4 probably five times by now. Never left games, and always endorse other players, however, some players obviously don’t like if you’re better then them and simple won’t endorse you. This resulting in a level drop. It is also bad if you’re just playing with friends, then you are automatically screwed. The endorsement system needs to be worked on!!


I’m surprised they don’t say anything. I can only speculate that it’s either grief reporting or they made a mistake on how decay works.

If for example it’s says player is reciving 3 endorsements per match. Let’s say the system says that means your maintaining the good game play. Then they go for 5 matches straight with 1 or less. Does the system say player has decayed? Because they are getting fewer per match?

That’s not a good system if it works like that. If a player never gets endorsed that doesn’t mean they are a terrible or toxic player. It just means no one is voting.

I think I’d rather have a long term option to just mark toxic players on my system to not match me with them.


Exactly. I have been level 4 twice and was very careful to always endorse other players. And I mean I never did not endorse as many players as I could. I have no idea why I dropped in level. But now that it has happened twice, I am out of the endorsement business. I am being punished for being the best player I can be.


Same here. Finally got to 3 last night, super pumped. Wake up this morning to being demoted to level 2.


This has happened to me twice now. I was playing and went from endorsement 2 to 1 after 3 games and just recently i havent been able to play the past two days because ive been busy with work and i went from endorsement level 3 to 2?? Can this either be fixed or explained because ive never had a report on my account as far as im aware and i dont see how this whole system works…


Happened again today… This is really annoying. Back to level 3 for no reason.


hi, it’s been frustating for me, since i am a good behaviour player and yet my endorse level went down from 4 to 3 twice. what frustating is, i dont know where to report in customer support, and i dont know the reason…


Customer support has been directing people here. At least that’s what another poster said earlier.

I didn’t come here for them to change my lvl I’m here because I want answers to how it works and I want them to fix it if they expect me to use it.

Awarding xp for voting for people is not a way to accurately rate people anyhow. We’re just being judged so others can unlock loot boxes. The trolls, throwers, and toxic players are getting endorsed so the voter gets that extra spray or skin.


Mine just did the same thing, which is so odd because this is the second time its happened. People say it decays but mine goes down in like a day, its really bothering me.