Endorsement Level went down


I just went from Level 4 to Level 3, while I was getting endorsed! It’s like I got a negative endorsement. I can’t think of any reason why. I’ve done nothing to get reported for. My level went down while I got PotG. So unless someone reported me for getting PotG then I just don’t know. I didn’t play any Thursday and Friday. Did it drop me that quick? And if so, we did it drop after I played three hours today? The whole system makes no sense.


3x now I’ve dropped form 3 to 2 this week. I had half a theory that its because I bounce between Xbox and PC and its screwing it up?


Yes i reach level 4 endorsement then got a few more endorse i didnt leave the game too early or ever said anything horrible to get reported or done anything fishy, i log out and 4 hours later i get back on and it says my endorse went down to level 3… note this is the 2nd time im level 3


surprise, surprise, level 3 for over 2 weeks with endorsements, up to level 4 today, shot caller, good teammate, etc, down to level 3,

Your breeding toxicity back into the game again BLIZZ.

Yet again nothing from BLIZZ on any subject apart from random crap that has nothing to do with the game.

Way to keep your player base active.


It just happenes to me again :frowning:


Happened again to me. This time I made it up to 4 for a day. But nope, now back to 3. Another week of gameplay to get back up to 4. Sigh.


Still can’t figure out how to quote…

On the theory about the Xbox and PC switching. Pretty sure that can’t be a factor. If it was connected I think our loot box rewards would be identical on all systems.

Personally I play PS4 and PC but I’ve been off the PC for about a month. Mine still swings back and forth.


Just dropped from 3 to 2 myself after a few hours of inactivity. Had to leave a comp match at one point last night, so might have been that, but I get tons of endorsements, including about a dozen so far today. It was my first time hitting 3, too, so I was pretty stoked. Now I’m kinda scratching my head.


How has this still not been acknowledged? I don’t mind if there’s good reason for it dropping. I really don’t. what I don’t like is that it feels like I’m being punished for doing nothing wrong but not getting enough votes?


This has happened to me TWICE. Once from 4 to 3 and now 3 to 2 despite receiving endorsements and leveling up in endorsement levels. What gives?


Two ways it goes down. Apparently if you don’t receive endorsements for some time your level is decreased. The other is if you’re reported.

The part where it goes down if you don’t receive any is ridiculous, imo. I don’t always get endorsements every game, I don’t always give (sometimes I forget about it cause it’s still kinda new, or im looking at my phone at the end of a game.)


Mine went from newly set 4 to 3 overnight ?!


This seems to imply more when reports are true and action is taken that it goes down. Not every single report because nobody would ever climb. I’ve just played one game today, two endorsements, nobody left early closed the game to open my loot box at the end and I get a message saying I’ve been dropped from 4 to 3 for like the 10th time now.


Yeah this has happened to me, from 3 to 2, like 6 or 7 times now.


If reports are dropping it then it’s dropping without actions being taken. There are way too many players for them to review that quickly.

Getting no votes should not drop this either. Not voting for a person does not nessisarily mean they are playing bad.

I’ve been yo-yoing between 3-4 the last several days on PS4. With no explanation beyond grief reports, maybe. All my terrible matches can be explained by no one using chat to organize. Everyone trickling in.

I honestly don’t care if my endorsement is zero. I’m not here to win a popularity contest. This isn’t Facebook. I want to have fun. I also want is to set that I don’t want to play with someone and how long. If someone is toxic I want to say don’t match me with them until I remove the block.

If I get into comp and a player says someone play “character” or I’m throwing. Then they drop. I want to say don’t ever match me with them.

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Welp it’s happened a 3rd time now. Got back up to 4. A few hours later it dropped back to 3. Again. I’m done posting here beyond this one. But needless to say given soooo many reports on this bug… Blizzard really needs to look into it. It’s very frustrating.


My connection to the Blizzard services was lost, and my rank dropped from 4 to 3–I recognize the reason behind this one. I worked it back up that same day to 4 when suddenly after getting endorsed and finishing a game I lost endorsement again. The decay isn’t actually that fast I sat at 4 for a good chunk of time and completely forgot the decay because of it. Regardless of it’s use it feels like something we worked hard and earned got ripped away, and it really sucks that they still haven’t bothered addressing this issue.


This just happened to me. I went from Level 4 to 3 after losing a fight. The only thing that happened was that I might have been reported for defending our healer who was getting trashed talked by a fellow member of the team. Feels bad.


Same here. This happen to me so often, I stopped to think about what did I do wrong or say because I think the whole endorsement system is bugged. I am not a toxic player, I always endorse other players and I usually get at least 2 endorsement per match. But my endorsement level always go back and forth between 4 to 3 and this is really REALLY frustrating.

The only thing they told us about level drop system is something like “if you stop getting endorsements” but as I mentioned before, despite the fact that I get at least 2 per every match, I am not able to maintain my endorsement level.

Please Blizzard, fix this or give us a logical answer because this is going out of hand.


Happened to me twice already. Blizzard is not going to own up to how crappy this system is. Worst thing to be introduced. It’s just a number. People seem to not care anymore at this rate about it. People don’t endorse half the time now because it is a waste, they think you will probably go down to a 3 regardless.

Blizzard has spent this long not answering, hell will freeze over with a Blizzard by the time they admit the system is lame and fix it or trash it (I go with trash it personally)