Endorsement Level went down


I was thinking about this thread last night when the game put me into a few matches for less than 10 seconds as backfill.

Obviously anyone paying attention isn’t going to endorse someone who had no contribution.

So I started considering decay. Is that match based decay or time based? Because if it’s match based you could be ticking off matches that you never had a chance to impact.


I was sent here to the bug report forum. After talking to blizzard support about my my endorsement “bug”.
Looks like we are manny with the same “bug/error”.

I keept going down to lvl 3 from 4. Going up to 4 the same day. Next day i got down to 3 again. I have not left anny games early, or did other stuff. I actually got plenty of endorsements, but still it dropped.
I think it started after the summergames patch. So i bet something is wrong with the patch.


And again. I went to lvl 4 earlier today, and now I got back to lvl 3. Didn leave games, and got plenty endorsements… Fix it Blizzard!


I was level 4 today 1hr back .I had lunch came back to play now I am 3 :frowning:


Level 4 for four days, endorsements, so I got disconnected, I get it I am not contesting a replacement by Blizzard BUT get kicked from one game and I am a level 3 just like that?

This system is full of $hit


Would love if someone at Blizzard could at least tell us why this is happening. Maybe we can do something to make it stop.


Same thing here, i went 3 times to endo lvl 4 then back to lvl 3 and again now


Nah endorsement is just broken. I literally was in the middle of getting 3 endorsements the other day and went down a level. like got an endorsement, went down a level then got 2 more. I have a screen shot because I couldn’t believe it. Bliz is being entirely silent about the issue. I’ve been constantly bouncing between level 3 and 4 on a daily basis. It would be lovely for them to tell us why we went down or how any of this works but they’ll just keep watching everyone be angry until Jeff makes a nice little video telling us all to try harder or just saying they’re scrapping it until they fix it. I’ve noticed that I still occasionally get a bonus 2 loot boxes though so just try to stay in the 3/4 range and just laugh it off the rest of the time is my best advice.


Just happened to me there. Level 3 to 4 for no plausible reason. Wasn’t saying anything into match/team chat so it couldn’t be for abusive/bad language report. I wonder if leaving a match after the outcome is concluded but before the POTG/game cards pops up warrants level decay?


If leaving during POTG or cards warrants level decay, Blizzard is out of their minds.
The game is over at that point IMO. The second I see Victory or Defeat, the game is over. There is no more game. If Blizzard claims leaving the game early can decay the level, the system is even more screwed up and why they are not posting anything on this.
I think it is safe to say they know as well as the many of us who have complained, addressed, proven how broken this system is and why they are hiding right now.

On a side note, played 4 games this morning,
Game 1: 2 Endorsements
Game 2: No endorsements
Game 3: 2 Endorsements
Game 4: 3 endorsements (Then I go back to a 3)

And Blizzard won’t even understand why people are pissed off at these updates lately (not just Hero nerfs either)

Endorsment being odd

Yes, it really is goofy. I agree that I did not notice this until after the Summer games patch. I keep going back from 4 to 3 back to four like everyone else. Blizz’s silence is pretty deafening.


Wow. I wasn’t aware that this was such a common issue! I had the same thing happen to me too. Was in a group of 4-6 in QP, in the same session my level went from 3 to 4 then a few matches later it went back down to 3 despite not leaving/trolling/whatever.

As it is, it’s already pretty disappointing that people in the region that I play in have mostly stopped bothering with endorsing teammates (it was only frequent during the first few weeks) and now our levels are being adjusted for no reason.


It must be awesome to develop software and have no accountability to your clients.


It just happened to me a few minutes ago as well. Was at lvl 3 then came down to 2 for no reason. I was just getting endorsements in the last match as well.


Same happened to me, and I need an explanation. The game before I got potg as Mercy… I went from 4 to 3. If I was reported by someone who didn’t exactly like that, I don’t really know what to say.
**I apparently also randomly lost level 3 on the forums, so I here’s the image I guess.



Just had it happen to me. I’ve been getting endorsements all day, I haven’t left any games before they were over.
Give me my endorsement level back!


Exact same thing happened to me they gotta fix this.


bump. level 4 to 3 4x with no bad behavior or breaks or anything :frowning:


Just happened to me too, went from 4 to 3. Pretty sure I wasn’t reported for anything. If that decreases that’s super lame, once you get to a certain level it should stick.


same. every second day i go to 4 and in match or two i get back to 3