Empty account on playstation?


Been playing since the start and all my skins, gold weapons, EVERYTHING is just gone… Still got my trophies and achievements tho, so here’s hoping we can all get everything back.


Same here! Just logged in and all the heros are locked, all the game modes are locked, and years of cosmetics are gone! Really hope they can fix this

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I have the same issue all my account is wiped on PS5, I have to go through the first time user experience. even though I have played overwatch 1 for 6 years. I have purchased the watch point pack but it doos not shown + i don’t have access to season 1 battle pass. I hope they fix it ASAP.

I want to play OW2😭.

I recommend writing a thread about the issue regardless, the more threads the more likely the devs will see & HAVE to do something about the issue. This is not something they can just ignore and they might be looking at quite a few lawsuits here

I deleted my disk version and downloaded the digital version on my ps4. But when I logged in the progress was all gone, except for my battle net name etc… als those years I played for this….

Same here all my stuff is gone.

This is just a joke right i don’t think blizzard knows how big of an issue this is people spent real money and real time and effort into this game for this to all be lost cause of a bad merging system I lost all my work I put in that I can’t get back I lost money I can’t get back this is theft and not acceptable in any shape or form


Will we get it back, or is it gone forever?

This is a big issue cause it depends on what they did with the data

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So I wait hours to get on the game to find out everything I grinded for on old ow is gone? My gold guns, my skins and everything gone, I was plat border with an almost maxed account and it’s all gone, didn’t even get my watch point pack items or currency either. Nor did I get the premium battle pass like I’m meant to

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Yes i hace a lot skin, and nos i dona hace Nothing my account is empty

Same here. Played OW1 religiously for a number of years, even had golden guns for a couple characters and I don’t even have the characters unlocked, let alone any cosmetic items

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They have a lot of time to do this game works and now in the big day we have empty account I play a lot of overwatch 1 I had a lot skins and many things and now I don’t have nothing

Same. I even brought the watchpoint pack and its not here… I paid and blizzard took my money and gave me nothing in return. This is unacceptable. Thousands of hours wasted.

Alas I’m in the same boat.

I must have connected my battlenet account in the past as it’s displaying on my name badge correctly but none of my unlocks are present on the ps4/5 client or on the PC one.

More interested getting them to display on the ps5 then the PC client.

Super frustrating.

exactly the same and so we have to unlock all caracter and make 50 quick and unlock again gold arm skin and BUY again overwatch league skin please resolve that

Staff commented on this

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They should of told us years ago that overwatch 2 would remove all our cosmetics and scam us with a watchpoint pack that gives nothing.

This launch has been a joke. Tons of players lost everything they spent hours on and money on and still no response from blizzard.

If they dont want to give me back my original account and make me start from scratch, them they coukd at least give me a refund for the watchpoint pack (something I paid for yet havent received anything)

You didn’t lose them. Please read the MANY threads already covering this topic.

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I went into a game that I wanted to play with friends, look at old skins, but this is all gone and it’s gone…

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