Empty account on playstation?

I love how the game says Ive played 46 hours (longer than the game has been out and literally 500+ hours less than I actually had on OW1) but I lost everything, didn’t get the founders pack , all new heroes locked (but hey…I can buy them if I want!)

What a joke. This game needs to fail and then MAYBE Blizzard will start caring about the games they make again instead of focusing only on how to squeeze every penny from those who have lovingly supported them for over a decade.

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im having the same problem, but at first i thougt it was me doing the account merging the wrong way apparently others have the same problem

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My whole account got wiped when i logged into ow2


Jo bei mir auch alles weg !!!

Same here, also on Playstation 4

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I hope we will get our account data back, i lost a over lvl 800+, with nearly all skins and emot account if the dont fix the problem. It cant be that they not even saying something about it and just ignor it so far


Its not only the skins and gold weapons i lost all of my account even the lvl and my date. I hope the bug get fix soon. Its truly sad that a long term player who even played in the beta lost everything they had. So i hope that Blizzared can fix that. Even when my last trsut in the compny is lost.


I feel you man before reading the threads and seeing everything wiped on all my characters to my main to the stats to my golden guns from earning everything on Halloween and Christmas and my favorite pachimari icons just straight gone made me want to cry I really hope it gets fixed cause I didn’t work my butt off for nothing all these years and memories and worked hard and grinded for it all just to get wiped like that


Same thing happened to me I just want all of my achievements and skins mainly. Especially my roadhog and genji skins

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the same, I just merged my account and I have absolutely nothing left.

Same here. I also had to repeat the full tutorial

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Same here. Nothing unlocked…i hate this…

Same here. I’ve read every thread they’ve sent me to read and none of them fixes my problem…

Same here. I didn’t even want the change and now i might lose everything i earned.

Damn I’m having the same issues Played since OW1 ain’t non of my cosmetics here on OW2 n my accounts have been linked and never changed since OW1

Same exact issue here man. My 7 golden weapons, hundreds of exclusive skins and sprays gone too. I don’t wanna play if I have to restart. It literally becomes overwatch 1…just with nothing and less characters somehow

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I started up overwatch 2 hoping to play some of the old hero’s I used to play from a while back and logged in to see all of my progress is just gone. I’m honestly pretty sad because I had so many skins and all of the hero’s unlocked. I don’t know if blizzard can help but my psn is ScolioBandito.

Side note: I also changed my psn username and I do not know if that had caused it but the old user name was


Blizzard please help

Something similar happened to me. My brother owned Overwatch on my PS4 and I played it a bunch, but after he left for college I was unable to play it so I went to the PC version. I thought I would be able to get my stuff back on Playstation now with OV2 being free but it just shows my PC stuff. Please fix. I want my event stuff and everythong else back :frowning:

Yup, same here. Lost everything on ps5

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Yeah man, I don’t think that’s the problem, everyone’s accounts have just been wiped for some reason. It’s just a glitch, so maybe in around 2-3 more days, it’ll be back.
I’m super bummed too because all my mains are locked. I’ve been playing for like 5 years and all my cosmetics, my data, just everything was gone.
I hope they fix this problem sooner.