Empty account on playstation?

I just got past the queues, only to find my account completely gone and now reset with nothing from my overwatch 1 account.


Omgg I thought I was the only one


Even my presave settings are gone


I’m not going to play any of it until the issue is sorted.


I was coming here to post the same issue.


Same. I didn’t even get the founders pack and Ive been an active OW1 player on both PC and Playstation since year 1. Way to secure a great day 1 experience. There is no way I am buying ANYTHING for this game knowing that they are so easily bugged out and removed from your account. Blizzard…you had ONE job.


Many people having the same issue. Post here to bump up the post to help it get viewed and resolved quicker by support (or at least some confirmation that they are aware of the issue and working on it).


All my heros and skins are gone on my account


I have the same issue on ps4, I have to go through the new user experience. even though I have played overwatch 1


I have the exact same issues everything is gone for me on the ps5 all my skins i earned and bought gone and all my heros are locked and my rank/border is my pc lvl and my pc has nothing on there. I was plat border 2 stars on my ps5 and now everything’s is just gone i rly want my stuff back plz fix this


Same here, Ps5 and no gear from Overwatch. Guessing its a launch issue, has there been any updates?


Same here. I am honestly freaking out, been playing since year 1.


Same, I won’t be playing until they fix it, I don’t want to ruin my chances of getting my Save back, I don’t want to break the game more than it’s already broken.


I have had my battle.net and console connected for a while, but I did not “merge accounts” on overwatch 1, so all my stuff is gone.


Same. Lost all my skins, gold weapons, and it doesn’t even show I purchased the watch point pack. Heroes and game modes are locked like I am a completely new player. Been playing since a month after OW1 launch.


Same here, my account is completely blank on Xbox. I merged my accounts like it said but I have nothing. All my account settings, progression, cosmetics, etc all gone. And I’ve been locked out of all the hero’s I’m supposed to have access to. And that’s when I can actually get into the game, only been able to connect twice and I was booted from a game and haven’t been able to connect since. Been playing Overwatch 1 regularly since launch, don’t know if I’ll play again if they don’t fix this issue and restore accounts.


Same issue with me except it replaced my ps4/ps5 stats with just my pc stats and unlocks which I’ve barely payed on. So I’m like level 12 or something instead of whatever I was on ps and missing all the skins etc from ps.

Should still be able to merge now. The option just isn’t showing up for me. But it did replace my console stuff with my low lvl pc stuff

Same issue, it kept my PC account stuff which I was only a level 41 in but have no option to get my PlayStation account stuff. I was silver border 2 stars with over a 1000 hours on the game. I hope they address this issue soon. I will not play until then.

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I am so sad man, I don’t even feel like playing anymore.
I mean, if I cannot get all that stuff back I won’t play anymore for sure. 6 years of cosmetic grinding down the sink when everything worked fine on the betas.

I am scared how easily my stuff can get wiped out. Geez.