Echo Contenders and 2018 Home/Away Skins Erroneously Made Available

Echo Contenders and 2018 Home/Away Skins Erroneously Made Available

With the release of Echo today, Contenders and the 2018 Home/Away skins were erroneously made available for purchase with OWL Tokens. The skins have since been disabled and are no longer available in-game.

The team is currently looking into refunding OWL Tokens used to purchase these skins. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Are Devs gonna address the obvious long que times soon and what they might try in the future to tackle it?

Like reworks, Support buffs, Role changes?

Or is something else in effect?


That’s a shame, would have loved to use Contenders skins on all heroes. Reminds me of when the OWL skin effect bug that came with the colorblind patch was removed. Hopefully some day both of these can come back in an official form.

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Wait what? Can someone elaborate? I don’t understand what happened

Why not make the Contender Skins available?

Please take this as feedback that players really want to to collect the other Overwatch Esports skins including the Overwatch League Gray skins, Contenders Home and Away, and even the World Cup skins. I see these threads all of the time in the forums.

Whether these skins are purchased for OWL tokens or not is one thing, and honestly I rather see them obtainable in a way that helps promote viewership on Overwatch Contenders.

Players are also asking me if there is any progress to getting viewership rewards working for YouTube, especially for OWL tokens for watching Overwatch League.



Non-issue for me… I won’t even bother opening a loot box, why would I care

Also have zero interest in OL or anything else like it

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So sad. I bought the Contenders skin right away but figured this would probably happen.

It would be awesome if the Contenders skins were available for all heroes!

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Any chance we will see those skins return? It seems strange to me that the 2018 versions of the FM, LAV and SFS were made for Echo, only for them to remain unused.

Plus, there are plenty of people who would gladly pay to own some of the contenders skins, as well as the 2018 team skins.

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What DOES make sense with Blizzard anymore?

Is there some reason you wanna deny us the ownership of certain skins?

Like, what was the point in releasing 10 OWL Grey Skins in 2018, but none in 2019 and none this year? Do you just not want us to have the 22 remaining and already made OWL Grey Skins?

Some of us would like to equip the OWL Grey Skins onto the heroes we actually play… not just the 10 you made the skins available for.

Any response would be appreciated!


Oh boy cant wait to buy OWL skins with tokens oh wait I am broke well lets watch OWL. Oh wait whats this I cant earn tokens and am forced to pay money for a cosmetic to support my team. Ok thats fine its just a cosmetic, OOOHHH WAIT, a san fransisco doom skin that looks sick af that I want so bad but have to pay for it feelsbadman. Also please support tier 2 because they are treated like homeless garbage even though they work their butss off please endorse them more I would love to see Contender skins implemented to encourage watch time. Going pro in any game takes a lot of effort and time so please reward people for their time.

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I only see this getting worse, dps que times are already crazy high. As a main tank myself, I’ll likely be waiting to play dps instead, as games are fun as a tank vs Echo

Honestly, all of this ^

If people brought the contenders skins doesn’t that mean there’s a market for it? Same with the other OWL Grey skins and World Cup skins. Doesn’t help those skins are shown off but are unobtainable.

Besides promoting the tier 2 scene on top of all that is the added bonus.


Contenders-specific tokens or something similar would be amazing!

So why not make the Contenders skins available, outside of any legal recourse, what is stopping those from being available to all characters?

World cup skins are tricky as there are legal reasons for each country, but if the profits from the skins went to supporting the countries attending that would be an amazing gesture

also please let portugal get rewards from streams, theres many countrys on europe that can’t get those rewards.

They didnt address with Echo. In fact, they only made it worse by turning Echo from a Healer to a DPS. All they care about is the DPS role. Its just a matter of time before the Tank & Healer categories get deleted & everyone becomes DPS.

I wish they got it over with. Its honestly better than a VERY slow progression at making Tanks & Healers NOT be nerfed to death trash.

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Does anyone get rewards for streams anymore? I thought that was gone.